Where Can I Treat a Geographic Tongue?

Nobody thinks that having a mouth/oral condition is fun. Most mouth conditions are painful to patients, and the cause of these mouth conditions is difficult to find. In this blog article we will focus on a common condition that has a very distinctive look. Anyone with some previous knowledge can identify a geographic tongue as soon as they see one.

This condition is characterized by the growth of an irregular tongue surface (top, sides and bottom).  This irregular shape looks like the outline of a map. In more detail, a geographic tone has lines next to red patches, which change shape as time passes. If you are currently suffering from this condition, you will notice that after a few months the shapes on your tongue change. This is why the condition is called erythema migrans in latin.

Doctors are not entirely sure why the tongue is not shaped evenly or why sometimes the skin becomes red. If you suspect you might be suffering from geographic tongue, you need to visit your doctor. The way to recognize the condition is by identifying the white and red colors in your tongue. This is a serious condition, which could escalate into thrush.

Unfortunately, this condition continues to affect people from all ages. There isn´t any treatment for it yet. The best decision a patient can take is to communicate the condition to his or her doctor so that he can diagnose any severe cases of thrush.  Many areas in the United States that offer treatments for thrush can ease the pain temporarily. If you have a trusted Los Angeles Family Dentist or a local dentist you should listen to their advice regarding the types of food that trigger the condition and the ones that help you fight it.

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