Self-Heal with Your Surroundings


Surroundings can really affect the way you work and feel about an environment. Working in an office all day, whether at home or at the work place, can often have an effect on your mood and general health. Often, it’s not just because of the work you are doing but the way in which you work and the environment you work in.

For example, those who work from their beds often suffer from insomnia and lack of sleep. This is because their mind has started to associate the bedroom, the bed in particular, with work and therefore their mind sets into work mode when they use it. Not only can using a bed to work from be bad for a person’s sleep schedule, it can also badly effect their health as it is easy to get neck and back strain in the position adopted whilst working in bed.

Having a tidy workstation can improve the quality of work you produce considerably as a tidy desk allows for a tidy mind. You can improve the tidiness of the desk by installing storage space in and around your desk.

Hiding clutter in shelving systems is a great way to remove a lot of paper work and other distracting items which may find their way scattered across your workstation.


Surrounding yourself with house plants, tropical fish and views from your windows are all good ways to improve your mind whilst working. If your office isn’t lucky enough to be situated in a good location with a view, try improving your surroundings by mounting inspiring paintings on your walls.

Tropical fish are a great addition to an office in a fast paced and highly prone to stress environments. Taking just a couple of minutes out to watch the fish and to feel calmed by their relaxed and peaceful swimming can do the world of wonders to help your mental health.

Office furniture which is damaged, outdated, at an awkward height or unstable can affect your mental and physical health in the workplace. Using a chair which does not support your back correctly, or not having the keyboard at a comfortable height can off set your spine causing stress, annoyance and time off work. By using furniture rental to rent the right equipment and furniture for you work place, you can save time off work and stress to your mind and body until you can either buy your own furniture or move onto other offices.

If you are looking for furniture rental London, there are some great companies out there who can fulfil your needs to enable you to have a happy, efficient work place with equipment which is at the highest standard for your body and mind.


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