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The Benefits of Light Box in Seasonal Affective Disorder



Some disorders are common and one of them is SAD. Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is a depression disorder that is associated with winter but it lasts in spring and summers too. Weight gain, carbohydrate craving, and exhaustion are some common symptoms of this disorder.

Long nights in winter lead to some hormonal changes in winter, and we can relate this disorder directly with the short hours of sunlight. So, the most effective method of treatment for this disorder is light therapy. But instead of sun rays, a lightbox is used for the treatment. It is not an ordinary lightbox rather a specialized one. Here we are discussing few advantages of light therapy.

1- Directly Deals with the Causes of SAD

This treatment deals with the root cause of the problem. When a person gets treated with this therapy, he has to sit near some bulbs, which can be foreseen in nature. The length of therapy sessions varies it can be as long as 90 minutes and as short as 30 minutes.

However, the right line of action of this therapy is yet unknown. But most probably it helps the brain to work according to the natural clock of the body. Moreover, it is also observed that it releases some hormones, which help in releasing depression.

2- Cost-Effective Treatment for SAD

If we compare different methods of treatment, it is clear that light therapy is an affordable choice. The apparatus need for this therapy is the special lightbox and it can cost just $ 200 to $ 500, which patients need to buy once in a lifetime. While for another treatment, costly medicines are required daily. If you have medical insurance, your insurance can contribute to the cost of the lightbox.

3- No Chemicals Involved

Some people are concerned about the chemical intake, in the form of medicines. Moreover, as it is a seasonal disorder so people don’t want to start medicines, which have side effects even when the season is gone.

Moreover, some people can get side effects with medicines, which are not healthy. In situations like pregnancy, taking antidepressants can be harmful not only for the child. This treatment is useful not only with antidepressants but without them too.