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Why At-Home Fitness Is Better Than Gyms For Beginners?



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The most crucial question for any beginner level person is where to begin their fitness? The very first option that comes in the mind is joining a gym, lifting heavy weights, and running on the treadmill to get in the perfect shape in no time.

However, this initial boost of enthusiasm ends miserably when the person faces the monthly gym costs, fails to make an appropriate workout schedule, and is unsuccessful in seeing greater fitness results. Moreover, most of the time, the people who are starting towards their image transformation feel shy in going in front of other people and workout at the gyms.

Working at home, therefore, becomes the best option for beginners to start their fitness. The specially made Beachbody home-fitness DVDs will help you get the results without causing you to lose your fitness passion.

Let us go over in detail, why at-home fitness is efficient and effective than gyms:

Benefits Of Starting At-Home Fitness At Beginner Level:

You may ask that is working out with Beachbody fitness programs, equally good as working out in gyms. The answer is No; it is much better than that!

Here is why beginners should prefer taking on home-based DVD workouts:

Avoid The Tension of Fixed Hours and Traveling:

First off, the idea of spending hundreds on the gym costs, and actually showing up to the gym for exercising, puts off the people after a few weeks. On the other hand, with the home fitness programs, you do not have to worry about getting the workout time, the monthly charges, and all sorts of other particularities, BEFORE you do a single work out.  Just Plug and play DVD videos and start your fitness.

Getting More Results With Scheduled Workouts:

Another major reason why video fitness workouts are better than the gyms is that they offer you a daily workout regime. You will be working out according to the trained instructors in all of the Beachbody workouts. The beginner-friendly workouts such as Power 90, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam, Les Mills Combat, and Slim in 6, follow a daily plan that will get you results.

In comparison, the gyms do not follow any such advanced scheduling and therefore, beginners feel at a loss of knowledge at what are they actually focusing at.

Knowing The Result Time while Getting Money Back Guarantee:

Unlike the gyms, the Beachbody workout programs will let you get in the groove by offering you a specified period to get the visible results. This boosts the motivational level for beginner fitness fanatics and thus they work out even harder. Moreover, the 30-day money-back guarantee is also a great deal for those who are trying out the workouts afresh. Gyms, on the other hand, have no such thing!

What Had Turned You From Fat to Fit?

With all the major points for Beachbody home-based videos for beginners, it is safe to say that beginners should kick-start their fitness with ease from their homes.

If you have achieved your required fitness level, do share your fitness preference from gyms and home-based DVDs.