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What is the Difference between P90X and Les Mills Combat?



Why do you make differences between two different things in the same genre? If you were given two choices say, Hamlet and Macbeth Shakespeare what would you choose? Shakespeare wrote both of them but why do you select one over another? You may probably say that individual quality like story characters, story, and the way of conversation of one novel inspired you more than others.

Similarly, how do you make your decision among the two most famous workouts say P90X Vs Les Mills Combat that is fit for your needs?

Your answer may probably be the same; you may say that by keeping in view the pros and cons of both workouts you will finalize your decision. Here is a brief comparison of both workouts:


Tony Horton created P90X workouts. A 90-day workout is based on the technique of “Muscle Confusion”. It involves 12-workouts on workout DVDs. It comes with three kit styles for lean, classic, and doubles. All workouts of P90X require weight lifting and you have to buy them separately to carry out your workout. However, it comes along a fitness and nutrition guide with free 24/7 online support.

Les Mills Combat

Dan and Rachael Newsham created Les Mills Combat. A 60-day workout is based on the technique of “Fast Twitch Training”. It involves 7 workouts on 5 DVDs. It incorporates six mixed martial arts to give you a lean and strong body. This workout is for people of all fitness levels. It does not prepare you for real times battles rather it focuses your twitch muscles so that you remain fit for a longer period.

If you are unable to make your decision until now, you can proceed further while keeping in mind your workout needs and goals.

Workout Benefits and Comparison

  • Les Mills Combat is a 60-day workout whereas P90X is a 90-day workout program. If you are running out of time to work over your body transformation you can choose Les Mills Combat.
  • If you have a bad medical history with respect to your knee and legs, Les mills combat is not for you as it involves jumping and kicking. Kicking is 90 % of Les Mills Combat as indicated by Rachael. You should choose P90X that does not require you to jump and kick at a high pace.
  • Both workouts shape and transform your whole body. However, if you aimed at forming your biceps and triceps you should choose P90X. Les Mills Combat results gave you lean muscles.
  • P90X workout will require you to purchase equipment exclusive of your workout but Les Mills Combat does not require any equipment, gloves are optional. You can also carry out combat workouts without gloves.
  • Finally, both come with three kit styles. Les Mills Combat comes with Les Mills Combat (Deluxe), Supreme warrior kit, and Ultimate warrior kit. P90X comes with lean, doubles, and classic style kits.

A wise way to make the best decision for you is to consider your bodily needs, time and workout results, and reviews. You can take your decision by talking to Beachbody coaches and support too. Take your decision today and begin your fitness journey now!