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Why NJ Seniors Prefer Home Care



When New Jersey residents grow older, they often need additional assistance, which wasn’t necessary for their younger years. Many Garden State seniors are fortunate to have friends and family nearby to help when needed. But even though they’re willing to help, many seniors are hesitant to ask for help, fearing they’re “taking advantage” of them.

Many families may live far from their loved ones, or perhaps they simply don’t have enough time to provide as much care as their loved ones may need. Since most seniors prefer to live at home, rather than in a facility, their care and safety become a concerned family’s top priority. Home care NJ is a terrific solution.

With in-home care, a senior retains all the comforts of home, combined with the helping hand of an expert home health aide from a professional agency. There are a number of advantages to hiring a non-medical home care agency.

Comfort and Familiarity

Whether a senior has lived in their current home for their entire adult life or just during their golden years, there’s no question that an individual’s home holds a special place in their heart. Having to move out of one’s home can be an emotional and upsetting experience, but with in-home care, an elderly resident can continue staying in an environment with which they are familiar—providing comfort and peace of mind.

Having the “luxuries” of the home makes all the difference, with no need to “relearn” where everything is located—both inside the home and in surrounding neighborhoods. For those who suffer memory loss or diseases like Alzheimer’s, certain moments can be frightening enough at home, let alone if they are in unfamiliar surroundings. Being able to remain at home while still receiving the care needed is a great fit for a senior.

A Sense of Independence

With in-home care, seniors can schedule as much or as little care as needed. This allows them to maintain a sense of independence—in fact, not just a sense of independence, but actual independence in many aspects of life. The elder person can continue to do the hobbies and activities they enjoy doing, such as visiting family and friends, gardening, or listening to music.

In-home care helps people with tasks such as pet care assistance, house cleaning, errands, meal preparation, medication reminders, assistance with walking, and shopping. Should they need more personal care, such as hygiene assistance, help with dressing and grooming, or assistance with bathing, the home care aide is trained to provide sensitive, compassionate care. Seniors can continue to live on their own with the help of professional caregivers.

Custom Care

With in-home senior care, older adults and their families can completely customize the level of care they will receive. Care is available whenever it is needed—from scheduled hourly care to live-in care to full-time 24/7 care—including weekends and holidays. In addition to custom tailoring the hours of care, the type of home care in NJ given is also totally customizable and is prepared according to the unique needs of the senior and his or her family.

When it comes to choosing a senior care situation for an older loved one in your life, the choice is clear: in-home care allows seniors to remain at home in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes, allows them to retain a sense of independence, and allows customized care for New Jersey seniors.