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Heidi Montag the Latest Celebrity to Champion Plastic Surgery with $30,000 Enhancements



Plastic surgery is an issue that is rarely too far from the public eye, with many people having their say about modern methods of breast augmentation and other similar procedures.  The latest is American reality TV star Heidi Montag, who has splashed out a staggering $30,000 on her surgically enhanced figure. So proud is she of her refined body, that she was flaunting her physique at a beach-based photoshoot last week sporting a white bikini with turquoise accents.

$30,000 Well Spent

The former star of hit US TV show, The Hills, was clearly eager to show off every inch of her investment at the recent photoshoot which really shows the results that can be achieved from high quality and carefully thought out plastic surgery. She even turned away from the camera in a very Kardashian-like manner to parade her derriere.

Spending Spree

Despite starring in the aforementioned show, investing a huge sum in plastic surgery, and even being rumored to appear in the next installment of Celebrity Big Brother, Montag insists that she is not interested in fame, fashion, or money. Her comments have come after revelations that she and celebrity husband Spencer Pratt has spent more than $1million on such things as make-up, managers, publicists, and lawyers since their time on The Hills. Montag stated in a recent interview that she has never really counted but knows it has probably been a little excessive.

10 Procedures in One Day

Spending a substantial amount on her latest visit, Heidi famously underwent 10 surgical procedures in one day including some liposuction, breast enlargement, and even bottom augmentation. She has also invested in procedures on her nose and chin despite still only being 26 years of age.

Done and Dusted

This said the results are plain to see with Heidi Montag looking pretty incredible as a result of her breast augmentation in particular. Following the amount of work she has had on her body, Montag now insists that her time under the knife is now complete.

Reputable Surgeries

For anyone pondering any type of plastic surgery, whether it is breast enlargement, breast augmentation, or even breast reduction – there is a wide range of websites online which contain a wealth of information. Although very safe using modern techniques from reputable surgeries, it is important that everyone is aware of all the connotations involved with plastic surgery procedures.