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5 Facts About Laser Hernia Removal



When surgery is required for the removal of a hernia, there are a number of techniques that can be used. Due to the number of options available, you are able to choose the treatment that best suits you and your budget.

Hernias are bodily tissue or organ protrusions that penetrate weak areas of your abdominal wall. A hernia can simply look like a lump under the surface of the skin which, in many cases, is constantly visible. However, others find that their hernia is only visible at certain times or after physical activity. Following the diagnosis of your hernia, your doctor should outline the treatment methods available to you and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each of these methods.  Laser surgery is becoming an increasingly popular method of hernia removal and whilst it has many advantages there are still some facts that should be considered, these include:

Lasers are not used for the entire hernia removal procedure

The laser is actually used in order to make the initial incision allowing the doctor to gain access to affected areas.

Lasers will not repair the actual hernia

There is a common misconception that, in this form of surgery, the laser is used to correct the hernia, however, this is not true – the actual hernia is removed with the use of the medical apparatus.

Laser surgery and hernia pain

When this technique was first introduced, doctors believed that the use of lasers would be less painful than the traditional surgical method where incisions were made using a scalpel. Whilst there is no proof that using lasers as an alternative to scalpels successfully reduces pain, the use of this technology does allow for faster recovery.

Laparoscopic Hernia Removal Surgery Is Common

Although laser surgery is becoming increasingly popular, the most common method used to treat a hernia is laparoscopic surgery. However, it is important that a patient speaks to a specialist surgeon to discuss the various forms of treatment and identifies which method is best for them.

Recovery Time Is Shorter

Due to a smaller and less intrusive incision, patients can expect a shorter recovery time after undergoing laser surgery to remove a hernia.

If you are suffering from a hernia, it is advised that you speak to your local doctor who should be able to recommend a specialist surgeon for hernia treatment in Surrey, Cambridge, or a nearby location. Similarly, your doctor or chosen surgeon should discuss your treatment options and help you to decide the best form of treatment for you.