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Can You Prevent Gum Recession?



Gum recession is the gradual loss of soft tissue around a person’s gum line. Eventually, over a period of time, the tissue in the mouth can become weak and can soften, which will cause a recess, which means that the tissue by the gums will expose the roots of the teeth. The roots are much more vulnerable and susceptible to disease than the regular hard coating and surface enamel o a person’s regular teeth.

Gum recession is a lot more common of a problem than you may realize, if it is not treated properly however, over time, it will leave a person’s teeth in danger of getting more cavities and deeper infections.

What causes gum recession?

Gum recession is a dental issue and a natural progression that can happen as people age. Many people will get gum disease in their lifetime, but if gum disease is left untreated it will progress into a worse condition.

Poor oral hygiene is the main contributing factor to most gum diseases and gum recession as well. If you use tobacco or you naturally have thin bones and gums due to genetics these are also contributing factors.

In some instances, the problem is genetic, which means teeth are not naturally set properly in the bone or jaw which makes gum recession a higher risk for people with this issue.  If this is the case gum recession will be visible later in life.

In general, the gum recession is extremely difficult to prevent. In general, the best solution is good oral hygiene and daily cleanings of brushing and flossing your teeth this will avoid harder buildup and bacteria buildup

It’s important to come to visit the dentist at least twice a year to detect any tooth decay and properly care for infections. Surgery is necessary and can help prevent some problems from getting worse.

You may be able to avoid dental disease by caring for your teeth properly.