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Strategies For Sportsmen To Cope With Sports Related Injuries



Sportsmen are prone to injuries, especially where a lot of physical strain is involved. It is commonplace to hear about ACL tear in sportsmen playing football, rugby, and basketball. Such high-intensity games cause a lot of tissue and muscle wear and tear which leads to severe pain. In many cases, surgery is suggested, whereas in some rest is recommended. The road to recovery is long and is laden with complications. It takes a toll on the player and he may even suffer from many psychological issues such as anger, dismissal, denial, and depression. A few strategies if implemented can help the player maintain his balance and instill self-confidence.

Set Goals

The first step is to set personal goals post-surgery. Dwell on what you aim to achieve after the healing. It could be anything such as being able to play in the next season, training for the next season, or simply doing everyday activities. These are your long term goals which are preceded by small short term goals. Achievement of every short term goal takes you closer to your long term goal and it also boosts your rehabilitation progress. Remember to set realistic goals that align with your rehab program. You can enlist help your physical therapist for this purpose.

Understand the Injury

As you suffer from your injury, it is advisable to learn the cause, treatment, prevention, and all other details about it. An understanding of your own condition helps fight anxiety and makes you prepared for the forthcoming consequences.
You could ask your doctor the following questions:

  • What kind of injury am I suffering from?
  • What is the general recovery period for such an injury?
  • What is the treatment plan?
  • What alternatives do I have?
  • Which kind of workouts will I be able to do?

By understanding injury, you can have greater self-control and can prevent anxiety to a considerable extent.

Positive Attitude

Although it may sound difficult, having a positive approach will make you more committed to recovering from the injury. Don’t miss any visit to the doctor, work hard, train, and do all the necessary activities or exercises as recommended by the trainer. Such a positive approach will help you overcome grief, and you will be motivated to achieve more.

Accept Responsibility

It is important to accept your condition and understand the shortcomings you will be facing until you heal completely. By taking responsibility for your injury, you will be better prepared and also find a greater sense of control. This will help you in quicker recovery.

Get Support

It is commonplace for sportsmen to isolate themselves from friends, family, teammates, and coaches, after an injury that takes too long to heal. But rather than isolating, you should enlist their support as it helps to recover from the injury sooner. Teammates, friends, and coaches can offer you advice and also encourage you to finish your course of rehabilitation. As an injured player, you are bound to feel frustration and at times helplessness, in such cases, it becomes important to depend on trusted friends and family members. This will help you to relax mentally and will also remove all the negativities from your body.

Mental Wellbeing

Although sports injuries are physically challenging to overcome, they also affect the mind greatly. A sportsman is mentally disturbed when debilitated by an injury as he is unable to perform and it makes him feel lesser than he used to be. Growing research indicates that not only physical well being, mental wellbeing too can accelerate the healing process. A useful technique is Positive Imagery; athletes who created positive images of the future, the game, and the rehabilitation were able to heal much faster and were motivated to undergo physical therapy.

With the help of the right knowledge, support, and a positive attitude, it is possible to overcome sports injuries. You must take things slowly and prepare yourself for the forthcoming rigorous healing process in order to keep a focused outlook towards achieving your goals.