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Everybody’s Doing the Locum Motion; The Rise of Traveling Heathcare



Given the recent changes to the American healthcare landscape with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, the number of insured Americans will rise drastically, with some numbers quoting upwards of 32 million newly insured Americans.  Given this huge increase, the healthcare industry is projected to continue its rampant growth. Along with this growth hospitals and clinics are preparing to see an increase in patient intake over the next few years as these policies come into effect.

In order to keep up with this increase in demand for healthcare, the locum tenens market is expected to increase as a means of covering some of the newly insured.  In the latest round of surveys, 25% of the hospitals and clinics that responded stated that they use locum tenens as a means of supplementing their current staff or dealing with a physician or doctor who is on leave or sabbatical.

Essentially, this boils down to an increase in the number of hospitals and clinics that will be needing the help and assistance of locum tenens doctors as we move into the years of the affordable care act.  This need is further increased by facilities that fall into the category of being, “rural”.  As it stands right now, over a third of all clinics and hospitals that identify themselves as rural make use of locum tenens.  This usually takes place through intermediary companies and staffing agencies like or Weatherby Healthcare.

The benefits of taking a locum tenens assignment, especially for a physician or doctor fresh out of school can be great.  For one, such an experience can be a great way to bolster a resume or flesh out some more, diversified job experience.

Taking an assignment as a locum tenens can also be a great way of getting a feel for the style of healthcare and even administration that works best with you.  In a similar study, a group of locum tenens stated that their time away led them to make a more informed decision on what kind of working situation was best for them.

Experts who study these trends and statistics in the medical field see all of this growth as great news, for both the medical industry and the United States recovery from the financial turmoil of the last few years.  Analysts say that the increased need for locum tenens can be directly related to the financial recovery that so many Americans are anticipating.