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Intruder Alert!



Do you know how to protect yourself against an armed robber? Do you know the laws that govern these types of actions?  First of all, it is important to remember that laws vary by state and if you are moving or have moved to a new state recently you should become familiar with the laws in your current locations so that you don’t wind up in prison.  Additionally, you should be aware of city and county laws in case they differ slightly than the state statutes.

Ironically if given the opportunity to protect life and limb, the majority of Americans don’t know the first thing about gun safety or how to protect themselves if something like this were to happen.  For this reason, it is important to have one of the many varieties of gun safes in your home so that intruders and anyone who doesn’t know how to use a weapon of this kind won’t have access to it.

However, if the instance should arise, here are some laws that apply to most states so that you won’t be caught off guard if you are put in cuffs for getting a little out of hand.

When You Can Shoot an Intruder

The majority of states have laws against shooting an intruder just for entering your home.  In fact, in the state of California, the only time you can legally shoot someone with the intent to harm is when you have no other way out of the situation and your life is in danger – however, this law itself may be ruled upon very subjectively.

In Texas the laws are similar; you may only shoot if you fear for your life and feel that defense with a deadly weapon is the only way to save your life.  If you have any prior criminal record or any evidence is found otherwise, however, you may receive jail time for your actions.

If you are wondering about your own state issuing this same type of doctrine, look for anything called the Castle Law that exists in your state of residence. This is the law that we have been discussing that allows you to shoot with intent to harm if your life is in danger.

I’m not writing this so that you will go out and kill the first guy that tries to break into your home.  Even in an assailant or intruder has a weapon, if there is no evident intent to harm you should proceed with extreme caution. Guns are deadly and should be treated as such.