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Different Techniques Followed By Physical Therapist



People of all ages will suffer from physical problems and will have to consult a physical therapist one time or the other. But before visiting a therapist, one should be clear with techniques and practices a physical therapist follow for a faster recovery. Depending on the patient’s condition the approach to physical therapy will vary. Different practitioners follow different techniques; some of the common techniques which they follow are soft tissue mobilization, Muscle Energy Technique, Myofascial release, Strain/Counter Strain, Trigger Point Release, heat/cold therapy, traction, electrical stimulation, etc. Apart from these techniques others like Exercise, massage, and joint manipulation are the common technique which was being followed from years. Details of some of the above-mentioned techniques are as follows.

Soft tissue mobilization: It’s a hand on physical therapy where physical therapists stretch the soft tissues around the bone to improve the motion. Tightness in the bones or joints occurs because of accidents or injuries which may in turn restrict the flow of blood, lymph, and signal in that specific area. In treating very acute as well as chronic injuries Soft tissue mobilization has been proved successful. Exercises are generally prescribed by Specialists and they can tailor the level of exercise for the needs and compliance of the patient.

Myofascial release:  If one experiences ongoing back, shoulder, neck, hip, or virtually pain in any area containing soft tissue then it may be time for him/her to seek myofascial treatment.  Myofascial is generally pronounced as “My o faashaa” which is a tissue that covers all our muscles and bones. Myofascial helps in maintaining the range of motion and flexibility. When Myofascial is damaged then there may be many side effects like breathing difficulties, headache, sciatica, etc. In general Myofascial Release is used to improve the health of the muscles and fascia, to restore good posture and improve blood circulation.

Heat/Cold therapy:  If we are suffering from pain then we first look for an ice pack or a heating pad. Did your mom ever ask you to put ice on the nasty bump you got as a kid? And do you the reasons for this?  There are ample reasons and the ultimate aim to follow this technique is to reduce inflammation and ease the pain and stiffness that comes with arthritis. It’s up to you to decide which among the heat and/or cold therapy to follow, as some people feel relaxed with heat therapy and some with cold. But remember that one should never apply heat to the joint that is already hot and red; neither you should apply cold to the joint that is difficult to move.

To avoid physical problems one should follow some tips like good exercise, warm-up before play would be great and maybe helpful, never eat before exercise, and remember that physical therapy is a must for long and healthy life. It’s better late than never, follow these tips, find out the best physical therapist in your locality if you have any physical issues.