Top 5 Toys for Future Doctors and Nurses

Kids enjoy learning about the human body and they also enjoy emulating people in their lives. Doctors and nurses are mysterious figures that can work on the human body and often cure the ailments that trouble people. For this reason, they are a common profession for kids to be interested in. Some kids are more interested than others, though, and there are plenty of toys on the market for kids who are destined to become part of the next generation of doctors and nurses.

1. Baby Doll and Medical Kit

For girls and boys who want to practice their medical skills on a doll, this kit combines a baby doll with a set of plastic doctor’s equipment. The little baby doll is made of plastic with articulated joints and comes outfitted in her own purple suit and hat and her eyes close when she is placed in a reclining position. The doctor’s kit contains supplies like a plastic stethoscope, thermometer, syringe and tweezers and a bottle to keep the baby well fed in between doctor’s visits.

2. Dress Up Set by Melissa and Doug

While your nurse- or doctor-to-be is working he or she needs the proper attire. This dress up set fits children ranging from ages 3-6 with some wiggle room depending on size. It contains a lab coat with pockets for carrying the doctor’s equipment and a fabric mask for the littlest doctor. The coat and mask are machine washable and there is a name tag on the coat which can be personalized with the child’s name. Additionally, a toy stethoscope that makes noises, a syringe, thermometer and other plastic equipment are included as well.

3. Felt Human Body

This felt cutout set provides little students with their first anatomy lessons. Designed by doctor’s to help kids understand the inner workings of the human body, this body’s major organs come with lots of details on 34 separate pieces. The pieces can be placed onto the 34-inch felt body in order to demonstrate the inner workings of a human being. The pieces are washable and durable and the set comes with a free teacher’s manual so that an adult can help the littler ones understand and get the most out of the set.

4. Sesame Street Doctor Kit

If your littlest doctor loves Sesame Street, look no further than this doctor’s kit with their favorite characters on the equipment. The red Elmo medical case holds all of the rest of the equipment which includes a Cookie Monster stethoscope and a Bert thermometer. The stethoscope makes noises such as giggles and heartbeats and the thermometer changes readings when pressed down. There is a Big Bird otoscope for checking ears and Sesame Street bandages that snap onto little wrists as well.

5. Emergency Medical Cart

The emergency medical cart prepares little ER doctors and nurses for fast-paced reactions to dolly emergencies. It has swiveling shelves that come out from under the top of the cart and rolls on wheels to go to the latest patient. Equipment like an IV drip, stethoscope and blood pressure wrap allow doctors- and nurses-to-be to practice their skills on Mom, Dad, friends or toys. It also includes plastic scissors, tweezers and a scalpel for those urgent moments in emergency medicine.

Ryan Jenkins is a surgical nurse and guest author at, where he has contributed several articles about top-rated online medical degree programs.

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