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Calculating Shipping Costs from US to UK: Actual vs. Dimensional Weight



If you send packages often, you should know about dimensional weight. Many international delivery companies in the USA consider both actual and dimensional weights. Let’s explore their differences and how to calculate costs when shipping from US to UK.

How to Measure the Actual Parcel Weight?

The actual weight is simply the parcel’s weight when it’s weighed. If you send packages to UK without specifying their weight, it’s best to use scales. You can also rely on the product’s label on the box if it’s new. Household scales will do if you don’t have access to professional scales. It’s a good idea to round the weight slightly to be safe.

How to Measure the Dimensional Parcel Weight?

When shipping from the US to the UK, you’ll also need to consider the dimensional weight of your package. To calculate this, multiply the box’s length, width, and height by centimeters or inches to find its mass in kilograms. Then, divide that result using the formula: Length (inches) x Width (inches) x Height (inches) / 139.

What Am I Paying for Shipping from US to UK?

It’s often assumed that lighter parcels come with lower US to UK shipping costs in international delivery. This rings true when the volumetric weight closely matches the actual weight, but there are cases where discrepancies arise. When tallying the delivery fee, shipping companies consider whichever weight — actual or volumetric — tends to tip the scales higher.

To ensure that the volumetric weight aligns closely with the actual weight, experts at Meest America make a concerted effort to pack goods tightly within parcels whenever possible. This practice helps trim down parcel volume and saves delivery expenses.

Handy Tips for Shipping with Meest

Here are some essential guidelines to remember when shipping packages with Meest:

  • Use the online calculator to estimate your parcel’s cost beforehand.
  • Make use of the Meest Portal for easy parcel creation and tracking.
  • Keep the value of your parcel under 45 EUR to avoid customs fees.
  • Expect delivery within a maximum of 10 days.
  • Ensure your parcel weighs at most 30 kg (66 lb).
  • Check the parcel’s dimensions aren’t 150 centimeters (59 inches).
  • Each parcel is automatically insured for $60.00.
  • Easily calculate the volumetric weight of your package by entering its dimensions into the Meest cost estimator.

With these rules in mind, you can easily find the cheapest way to ship to UK!