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9 Warning Signs You’re Dealing with a Narcissist



Narcissism is marked by certain behaviors. Most people feel it’s an objectionable condition to have. If you’re living with a narcissist or know one, you may have a troubled relationship.

We’ll talk about the traits of a narcissist now. You should know about these and watch out for them.

They Forget Your Important Dates

If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, don’t be surprised if they forget about dates you regard as crucial, like the date of your anniversary or your birthday. Since a narcissist feels that they are the center of the universe, they’ll likely forget about dates that mean a lot to you.

They Don’t Listen When You Talk

A good conversationalist will respond thoughtfully when you say something and dictate a natural flow to the conversation. A narcissist will not. They’re not even listening to what you’re saying. They’re just waiting for their chance to talk.

They Always Wait for You to Contact Them

Don’t expect to get a phone call or a text from a narcissist. You must always contact them. They expect that as a matter of course because they feel you owe it to them as tribute.

They Don’t Regard Your Accomplishments as Worthy of Praise

You might accomplish something that has taken you a long time to work on, like graduating from college or getting promoted at work. That will not impress a narcissist. Since they didn’t do the thing that’s worthy of reward, they’ll always downplay it.

They Don’t Understand When You’re Angry at Them

A narcissist won’t understand if you’re ever upset with them, even if they did something that naturally elicits this reaction. They regard themselves as flawless. They won’t comprehend that you find some of their behavior objectionable. In their minds, they’re always right.

They Can’t Wait to Talk About Themselves

A narcissist will always dominate a conversation and talk about themselves. If you give them a chance, they might launch into a description of what’s happening with them that can last for hours. The moment you respond by talking about what’s going on with you, they will lose interest.

They Need You to Praise Them

Since narcissists feel that everything revolves around them, they feel the need for praise for their every accomplishment, no matter how minor. They will expect you to shower them with glory and compliments as a matter of course. If you don’t do that, they might become irritated with you.

They Feel the Need to Control Everything

If you’re uncertain about whether the person in your life is a narcissist, see how they react if anything goes the least bit wrong. Narcissists always have to be in control of everything that is going on around them.

If something goes wrong, they will not be flexible and adjust without a fuss. Instead, they’re liable to become irritable and unreasonable.

They Need to Be Around Important People

Narcissists feel they’re important. It stands to reason they want to be around others who have similar status.