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4 Great Job Options for Aspiring Nurses



Most nursing students have to work to either pay for nursing school, take care of their everyday needs, or both. If this is your case and you’re currently looking for a job, it would be a much better idea to go for something that is directly or closely related to nursing.

This will allow you to get some experience and become a much more attractive candidate when you start looking for actual nursing work. This will also give you an idea of whether the field is for you or not. Let’s take a look at some great jobs for aspiring nurses.

Certified Nurse Assistant

Becoming a certified nurse assistant can be a good option if you want to get a good idea of what being a nurse is truly like. You will get to do some shadowing, and perform certain functions like checking people’s vitals, checking on their state, and providing some basic care and assistance.

To become a CNA, you will have to follow an additional formation, but courses take about four to eight weeks to complete. This means that you can follow your course during your downtime or at the same time as getting your nursing degree.

After completing your course, you’ll need to get some clinical experience and complete a two-part test. If you succeed, then you’ll officially be able to work as a CNA.

If you want to find a job as a CNA, senior assisted living careers Monarch is a great place to start. Other places where you can look for a position include private practices, prisons, and the Department of Defense, just to name a few.


Working as a phlebotomist is another great option that you could consider. Phlebotomists are in charge of collecting blood samples for lab analysis.

What makes this job so great for nursing students is that the tasks you’ll be performing are very similar to some of the tasks you’ll have to perform as a working nurse. You will also have to deal with some human aspects of nursing like reassuring patients and establishing a professional patient-nurse rapport.

Hospital Transporter

Hospital transporters are in charge of moving patients from one part of a healthcare facility to another. They might be asked to move a patient to a certain unit for x-rays, for instance, or bring them to an operation room.

This is another job where you’ll get to interact with patients, and it will give you an inside view of the logistics of a healthcare facility. This is the kind of job that will look very good on your resume when you start looking for jobs too.

Emergency Medical Technician

Working as an EMT is another very common and great job to have as a nursing assistant. This is one of the closest jobs to being a nurse, and you’ll get a chance to see what really happens on the ground.

This will prepare you psychologically for some of the situations you’ll have to face on the floor while giving you very valuable credentials.

All of these job options allow you to gain significant experience that will help you get better positions faster when you’re ready to enter the nursing field. Look at all of these positions in detail, and see which one would be the best for your projected career.