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Amplify Your Growth Hormones Using MK677 Or HGH



Before you compare MK677 with HGH, it is essential to understand that MK677 coerces the human body to secrete more HGH. You can easily realize that both have identical impacts on the human body.

At the outset, it is worthwhile to know the largest advantages of both: enhanced bone density, hair growth, minimal recovery time, better healing, improved REM sleep, fat loss, and more muscle mass.

The Legal Aspects

You can purchase MK677 as a chemical for research purposes by selecting a dependable source and ordering online.

You cannot purchase HGH unless you have an authentic prescription for a physician. HGH is available in the black market, but considering the risk of getting adulterated material, you should never select this route.

Usage Frequency

You have to consume MK677 only once a day. On the other hand, you must take multiple HGH injections every day. A pertinent effect is that the numerous injections cause a burning sensation in the vicinity of the injection region.


The unit of measurement of MK677 is milligrams (mgs.), while the unit of measurement of HGH is International Unit (IU). Due to this difference, comparing these two based on dosage is not feasible. The usual recommended dosage of MK677 is 25 mgs. per day. This is equivalent to 3 IU of HGH.

Mode of Consumption

You have to pop a pill of MK677, and the essential daily dose is available in the body. In the case of HGH, you must use an injection to deliver the contents to the body.

The hurdle here is that HGH cannot be metabolized in the liver. The consequence is that you cannot consume it orally because it is not adequately bioavailable. If you are a non-professional in delivering injections, you might face several issues related to improper injecting techniques.


The therapy through HGH increases mortality risks in growth hormone (GH)-deficient children. It also augments the risks of harm in GH-deficient adults. On the contrary, MK677 therapy is safer.

The Time of Outcome

MK677 has a longer half-life than HGH. A single dose of the former results in increased IGH-1 levels for about 24 hours. A dose of the latter has an active impact for an average of fewer than five hours.

Manner of action

MK677 induces the endogenous secretion of the GH and works through the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. This action is specific to the growth hormone secretagogues (GHS)-R. Secretagogues are drugs that augment the ability of the brain to order the secretion of HGH.

The exogenous HGH therapy results in an immediate increase in serum GH concentrations. There is direct binding to GH receptors, which stimulates IGF-1 release. It leads to further effects such as apoptosis inhibition, survival, differentiation, and cell proliferation stimulation.

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