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Vital Things To Know Before You Go For Sugar Waxing



Sugaring is one of the most preferred hair removal treatments generally done by a professional. The process is similar to traditional waxing, which includes applying the wax and pulling the wax string in the opposite direction of hair growth. The mixture is heated until it softens and attains a thick fluid consistency which is later warmed and applied to the skin.

Sugar waxing is relatively less painful, which makes it more appealing for first-time users. There are no chemical preservatives, making it even healthier, safer, and more environmentally friendly.

If you are planning to try out sugaring hair removal for the first time, here are some things that you would like to know.

Where can you use sugar waxing?

It is a myth that sugar waxing is only done in the bikini area. Sugaring is a versatile hair removal treatment that can be used on different body parts like:

  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Back

Sugaring reduces the redness and irritation and is best suited for people who are hyper allergic to chemicals involved in regular waxing.

What are the benefits of sugaring?

  • Besides removing body hair, sugar waxing adheres to the dead skin cells and does the job of an exfoliator. As per the American Academy of dermatology report, sugaring is an effective way of exfoliation without damaging the living cells.
  • Post sugaring cleaning is easy compared to traditional waxing.
  • The sugaring mixture is made of natural ingredients which prevent skin irritation.
  • The hair re-growth period increases by getting your body hair removed at regular intervals. This is because, while sugaring, the hair is pulled from its roots damaging the hair follicle.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are almost nil. However, there could be a temporary redness that vanishes later. Some even experience mild itching after the sugar waxing treatment. Remember not to scrub your skin harshly as it could result in cuts and scars.

When should you not go for sugar waxing?

Even though sugaring is a safe method for hair removal, here are some situations where you should keep away from sugaring.

When you are on your period

It is possible to get sugar waxed even if you are on your period. But experts suggest not to do it because during this time of the month, the hormone levels will be pretty high, and skin turns extremely sensitive. This could increase pain, cause tiny bumps and pimples and increase the chance of post sugaring irritation.

You are pregnant

Always consult a qualified professional and get a doctor’s approval before getting sugar waxed during pregnancy. After getting the doctor’s consent, inform your sugaring technician so that they can alter the process accordingly.

When you are sunburned

Sunburned skin is considered similar to an open wound which could get infected easily. Therefore, it is best not to get sugar waxed on the sunburned areas.

Things to do before getting your appointment

Make sure your body hair is long enough to get sugared. If the hair is too long, consider trimming them to the ideal length. Also, gently exfoliate your skin two days before the treatment to avoid ingrown hairs. Make sure to avoid tanning on the day of treatment.