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Eyelash Extensions at Home. How to Set up a Business and Choose Material



It is no secret that eyelash extensions are a hot trend in the beauty world right now. Aspiring lash techs are faced with the question of what materials they need to purchase for a starter kit. Lash supply stores offer a huge range of brands and materials for eyelash extensions.

More often than not such variety confuses and complicates the choice for lash artists who strive to provide the best service for all their customers.

We’ve put together an ultimate overview of the basic must-have eyelash extension products you Lash Extension Removal: need to run your lash business smoothly.

Eyelash Extensions:

The most important material for a lash tech is, no doubt, lash extensions. It can be difficult for an aspiring lash artist to decide which eyelash extensions to choose. There are many brands and types you can find in the lash supply store that differ in diameter, length, curl, color, and, of course, price.

For a basic set will do a mix-type tray, which consists of black eyelashes of different lengths, one of the standard curls being C or D and with the optimal thickness of 0,10 mm.

Individual Lash Extension Glue:

When choosing an adhesive, pay attention to its working conditions. Always adjust the humidity and air temperature in your working environment to the ideal setting for the adhesives to perform more consistently.

As a beginning lash artist you need more time to place the lash in the right place, so opt for an adhesive with a 3-5 second drying time.

There are two remover types. Cream remover is best to be purchased for a starter kit as it is the most convenient way to remove an entire set of extension lashes. Lash extension gel remover is well suited both for the complete removal of eyelash extensions and their correction.

Lash Shampoo:

Lash shampoo is designed to effectively clean both natural lashes and lash extensions before applying adhesive to help glue retention and long wear. A great retail product sold as a care solution to help your clients maintain their beautiful new lash extensions.

Lash Extension Pads:

When it comes to lash extension under-eye pads, it is best to choose moisturizing hydrogel pads that provide gentle care to the delicate area under the eyes. You can choose any convenient type of material for isolating the lower eyelashes while making sure that it does not cause any discomfort or allergic reaction.

We do not recommend using ordinary stationery tape for this purpose, as it may result in damaging your client’s skin, causing swelling and pain after the extension treatment.

Pro tip:

Purchase products from the same manufacturer, as it prevents ingredient incompatibilities. You can find everything you need in our lash extension supply store.