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6 Ways To Develop a Strong Relationship With Your Child



Before becoming a parent, you were a child, so you know how important it is for parents to have great relationships with their children. But a fantastic parent-child connection does not happen overnight. It is the outcome of a conscious decision and consistency. These tips will help you develop a strong bond with your child, so you’ll become the kind of parent you want your kid to have.

1.  Keep Your Gadgets Aside When You’re Together

When spending time with your child, turn off your electronic devices. This simple act will make your child recognize the value of relationships and understand that they are important to you.

If your child is old enough to have mobile devices and has one, ask them to put theirs aside as well. You would be surprised at how willing they’ll be to do the same because your child also wants to connect with you. Putting away the technology will create a suitable environment for you both.

2.  Get On Their Level

Children and grown-ups have different interests and methods of communication. A child might get lost if you talk with them like adults. To enrich your relationship with your kid, connect with them in a way that suits their age. Play with them, teach, and work on projects together.

If your child is a toddler, sit on the floor with them, draw, color, and sing together. If your kids are older, you can join them to play video games. The idea is to discover your kid’s hobby and spend time doing it together. It will be much easier for them to talk to you during these activities.

3.  Pay Attention to Your Child

It is essential you listen to your child and pay attention to other unspoken emotions. You may have a lot of work on your office desk or chores to do at home. But it pays to dedicate some minutes to spend with your child every day and create the right atmosphere for such bonding.

Alternate doing what your kid enjoys with what you want. Let your conversation flow freely, and allow your child to pour their heart out to you in the process. That way, you’ll know what challenges they face and figure out how to help them. Let them invite friends over so you can see the kind of company they keep.

Also, talk with their teachers regularly and keep yourself up-to-date on their academic performance and extracurriculars. You can even sit with your child while they do their homework or help them rehearse lines for a school play. This will significantly strengthen the bond between you both.

4.  Be a Role Model

When you display moral and ethical behavior, you impart such values to your child and counter negative peer and media influences. A child with the correct moral values will know how to express themselves respectfully, appreciate cultural differences and diversity, and keep the right friends. As a result, they will have a better relationship with you and others.

But if you’re an angry person who yells at people at the slightest provocation, your child will be uncomfortable around you. They may even try to avoid you, which will negatively affect your relationship with them. So, let your child learn how to be a productive member of society from you.

5.  Surprise Them With Fun Activities

Surprises can have a positive effect on your relationship with your child. It requires planning and time, but in the end, you will create pleasant, unforgettable memories for your kid. You can plan a picnic, hot air balloon trip, or visit an amusement park, cinema, or museum. Using a car seat safety head support will be great for such trips since your little one might be tired and sleepy after their fun adventure.

Alternatively, make it an indoor activity like a movie night at home or preparing a homemade pizza together. You can camp in your backyard and play different outdoor games like hide-and-seek or treasure hunt. If you opt for backyard games, ensure that the surroundings are safe, and monitor your child’s activities, so they do not get hurt.

6.  Relate Well With Your Partner

Children are very observant, and they usually copy what they see. That’s why you need to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. When your kid sees that you have a good relationship with your partner, they will develop a good relationship with you.

Avoid heated arguments and talking negatively about your partner in front of your child. Even if you are co-parenting, you should maintain an environment where your child can thrive mentally and emotionally.