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8 Tips To Make Watercolor Tattoos Stand Out



If you’re looking for a unique, desirable tattoo that stands out from the crowd, then you can’t go wrong with the watercolor tattoo style. But if you want to make sure your tattoo is as eye-catching as it can be, try following these tips.

Tip 1: Add a Gradient

Gradients give the appearance of depth and volume by gradually blending two colors together. To create a gradient for your tattoo, start with one color of ink on the skin and then fade it out into another color in a way that blends smoothly. The technique is likely something your skilled tattoo artist will be familiar with, and it creates a fantastic style that you don’t always see.

Tip 2: Go Big

Yes, it’s hard to cover up a big tattoo. Yes, you might be tempted to make it small and discreet out of fear of what your mother will say when she sees it (or maybe what your future employer will say). But don’t! The larger the piece is, the more vibrant and powerful its colors are – and when it comes to watercolor, bigger is better.

Tip 3: Use Bright Colors

It might not be the first thing you think of for tattoos, but bright colors can make all the difference to your watercolor work. They stand out against the skin and create an eye-catching tattoo that’s sure to be unique. Plus, they’re just more fun and upbeat.

Tip 4: Add a Background

Gradients certainly give the appearance of depth and volume, but another way to create a sense of depth is to add a background behind your tattoo design. And because watercolor tattoos use more vibrant colors, a colorful or multi-colored background can really make it pop in an interesting way.

Tip 5: Play With Transparency

If you’re looking at watercolor tattoos, you’ve probably noticed that some designs are more transparent than others. It changes the appearance of the tattoo and gives it a certain style that you don’t really see elsewhere. If you want to make your watercolor tattoo stand out from the crowd, try going for a more transparent look rather than a solid color throughout.

Tip 6: Make It Artistic

A watercolor tattoo is essentially an art piece, so why not make it as artistic as possible? Add some swirls, dots, patterns – anything that takes it from a usual tattoo to something more unique. And if you’re going for a large design, these artistic flourishes are also a great way to break up the empty space and keep it from looking too plain.

Tip 7: Make It Personal

Since a watercolor tattoo is exactly that – a work of art – make sure you personalize it as much as possible. These tattoos are incredibly popular right now, so if everyone else has one, yours isn’t likely to stand out on its own. When you give your art some real meaning by making it about something (or someone) special to you, it makes a big difference and really takes it from boring to fantastic.

Tip 8: Research the Style

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that if you want a tattoo that really pops, it’s important to do some research first. Look at as many watercolor tattoos as possible and try to identify what makes them truly unique. Narrow down your favorites and design one of your own that truly stands out from the crowd by choosing a style that’s not too common.