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4 All-Natural Ways To Recover Lost Hair



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If you are suffering from premature baldness, try these four best ways to recover lost hair.

Around 40% of all adult males will start to lose their hair at some point in their lifetime. Usually, before the age of 49, men begin to suffer from male pattern baldness. Another leading cause of hair loss in later years is alopecia. However, alopecia is not confined to men and can affect women too.

Whatever the reason, far too many of us suffer from hair loss during our lives. Here are some natural ways that you can recover lost hair and get back on track.

Regrowing Lost Hair The Natural Way.

Before you rush off and spend a fortune on chemical treatments, these four natural, vegan, cruelty-free ways of regrowing lost hair are yours to explore.

1 – Shampoos and conditioners

A hair loss shampoo doesn’t have to contain harsh chemicals. There are plenty of hair loss shampoos and conditioners that focus on using all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. Although not all products work, you will never look back once you find a hair loss shampoo that does the trick for you. Since hair loss has been an ongoing problem for humans for years now, it’s safe to say that more shampoos and conditioners targeting hair loss will emerge in the coming years. Research is not thin on the ground.

2 – Natural Supplements

Many of the foodstuffs we eat contain naturally occurring compounds that promote good hair growth. One of these compounds is biotin, which has been scientifically proven in peer-reviewed studies to affect regrowing lost hair positively. Other chemical compounds found naturally in our diet, which are supposed to help hair loss, including vitamin C and iron. Therefore, natural supplementations can help you re-grow your hair and thicken and strengthen those locks.

3 – Massage

As a society, we tend to underestimate the benefits of massage overall deeply. This is especially true of scalp massage. While some hairdressers offer scalp massage as standard as part of a haircut, it can be hard to find other people willing to massage your scalp. It is not the typical thing that you might be offered in a beautician’s office. The premise is simple. Pressure is applied to the hair follicles to help to stimulate hair growth over time. Frequent massages are needed if you want to regrow lost hair.

4 – Oils

Some oils are said to help the hair naturally regrow. If you are interested in trying different oils for hair growth, we recommend starting with coconut oil. However, Rosemary oil and fish oil have also been suggested. Other natural substances applied here and in the past to promote hair growth include Aloe Vera, Ginseng, and onion juice. Different cultures also have different methods for hair growth.

Which Hair Growth Method Works Best For You?

To find which hair regrowth method is best for you, try all of the above and pick a favorite.