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3 Safety Tips for Elderly Family Members Living Alone



A Look At Health Care For The Elderly

It’s always hard to see parents and other family members age and have to get by with what they have. Physical and mental strength in old age are not always what they once were in younger years, and so living alone presents unique challenges.

If it just isn’t possible for younger children and other relatives to check in daily with these loved ones, there are still things one can do to help the elderly live more safely and independently at home.

Let’s learn about three of these things so you can start helping the elderly family members in your life.

Home Security

One of the best things you can suggest for an older relative is to check out home alarm systems for their residence. It’s an unfortunate fact that criminals out there prey on the elderly because they tend to be more gullible and defenseless.

A home security system, though, will stand in the way of anyone seeking to take advantage of your loved one. With cameras, motion lights, and alarms, these systems will cause thieves to think twice before trying that particular house.

Medical Alerts

If your elderly loved one is prone to falling or experiencing other health issues, it is never a bad idea to install a medical alert system similar to a home security system.

You’ve surely seen these before. They work like necklaces, and if your family member is ever in a medical emergency and needs 911 immediately, all they have to do is press the button to summon paramedics.

For many years, these alert systems have provided peace of mind to children who just can’t check in on their parents and others every day.

Audit the Home for Fall Hazards

Lastly, you can help your family members by walking through their homes and basically auditing the walkways for tripping risks. Plastic bags, clothing, and anything else that can end up on the floor represent a serious risk to life and limb.

Falling in your 80s is much different from falling in your 20s, but the fix is relatively easy. Help your loved one to remove these items and put them away, just anywhere out of the regularly traveled corridors. Canes and walkers can still help here, but the absence of excess items will go a long way to making a safer home.

It often happens that children can’t be physically near their elderly parents, but there are always steps you can take to help them live safer lives anyway. Follow these tips to give your family members the best you can in their older years.