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Escape Hour, Edmonton reopens after a few months




Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Escape Hour the top-rated fun and games facility in Edmonton on Tripadvisor was not accepting bookings for a few months. Escape game lovers can now book escape rooms at Escape Hour since it has reopened for summer.

The locker room game, which allows the players one hour, to find the clues, solve puzzles and exit the room, remains a popular entertainment option for people of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to families, couples, groups of friends, escape games are also very popular among businesses as a team-building activity.

At present, the groups can choose between five different options for the escape room in Edmonton depending on their experience playing escape games, interests, team size, and other factors. The escape rooms at Calgary remain closed at present due to covid-19 restrictions. Usually, groups and individuals who have never played any escape game before would like to choose the easier escape game so that they can understand how the game is played. The senators battle is rated the easiest escape room in Edmonton, though it is more suitable for larger groups of up to 16 persons.

Groups who are interested in a unique escape game that includes physical activity should book the Five Lives escape room. In addition to mentally stimulating activities like using the clues to solve puzzles, this escape game also includes physical activities like jumping, running, and dodging.

Five lives is rated as moderately difficult, like the Matrix movie-themed matrix escape game, and the Five elements escape game. Bank heist escape game which features robbers stealing money and valuables from a bank is considered the most difficult escape game at Escape Hour Edmonton.

For most escape games at least two members are required, though the cost per person will be less if there are at least three persons in the group. All the rooms are private, so the person booking will be only playing the game with his friends, relatives, family members, and associates.

This makes it the ideal entertainment option during the covid-19 pandemic since the members will not have to spend time with people they do not know, who may be infected or may not get along well. The escape rooms can be booked conveniently online, after checking the availability of the time slot and making the payment. On weekends, more groups are likely to book the escape rooms, so it is advisable to book well in advance.

Groups should reach the Escape Hour facility at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the escape game. For each game, Escape Hour has a dedicated game master, who will explain all the rules of the game to the group before the game will start and may also provide some information on where the group may find the clues they require.

The gamemaster will also monitor the group playing the escape game, using the cameras installed, encouraging them, and providing assistance if required to make playing the game, a memorable experience. Many Escape Hour reviewers on Tripadvisor have complimented the gamemasters for their encouragement and support.