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How to Make Your Mornings Magic Again



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Mornings should be the most precious time of your day, a time just to yourself before having to deal with the real world. Nonetheless, for many of us, mornings can be a harried part of our day, with no time to relax before rushing off to work. To help you make your mornings truly get you refreshed and ready for the day, this guide has been created to provide some top tips. Read on now for five tips that can help to boost productivity, connect you with the day and transform your life in the process.

Get a Full Night’s Sleep

To make sure that you wake up in the morning feeling fully refreshed, it is very important to get a full night’s sleep the day before. Try and aim for between 6-8 hours sleep so you can feel properly relaxed by the time you wake up. Additionally, by getting up early enough, you don’t have to rush before going into or starting work, meaning that you have time to properly adjust to the morning before starting something else. To help yourself sleep, ditch the phones, do some breathing exercises and read a book beforehand.

Have a Proper Cup of Coffee

Most people need some form of stimulant in the morning to feel properly adjusted to their morning surroundings. To make sure that you wake up properly, invest in a good coffee machine or pot for a good coffee. To save money on a coffee pot, it is recommended to use this highly recommended coupon code for the best possible deal! Whatever you do, ditch the instant coffee, because it’s just not the same.

Turn the Phones Off

It can be tempting to reach straight for your phone straightaway in the morning, but this isn’t a great habit to get into. The morning is a time to be thankful, so the first sight in your eyes in the morning should either be the natural sunshine or your partner’s face. By going straight onto your phone you are not going to separate yourself from the wider concerns of the world, especially as the news never sleeps. Your excuse might be that you use your phone as an alarm. To combat that, simply buy a proper alarm instead!

Take a Long Shower

To feel refreshed and ready to take on the day, it is worth taking a long and satisfying shower. If your shower isn’t working properly this might be affecting your mornings adversely. In that case, it might be worth investing in a new unit or asking a professional to fix your shower for you. You’ll be surprised by how much it can transform your life.

Wake up to Natural Light

The best way to wake up is through the power of sunshine. Make sure that your bedroom has a lot of natural light that can filter into your house to help you to wake up and to open the curtains or shutters before you go to sleep.