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Exploring Beauty-Tech Innovations and More With Dr. Sam Jejurikar



Exploring Beauty-tech Innovations And More With Dr. Sam Jejurikar

As a board-certified plastic surgeon and proponent of self-love, Dr. Sam Jejurikar always jumps at the opportunity to share his knowledge and serve as a source of inspiration for others. In fact, during a recent interview with Authority Magazine, he once again opened up his heart to the world. Through that interview, he showed everyone how he got started in the plastic surgery industry and explored his favorite beauty technology innovations.

The Long Journey Toward Joining the World of Plastic Surgery

The world of plastic surgery was not immediately on Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s radar upon entering medical school. He explored many different avenues, eventually finding a passion for surgical subspecialties. But he wanted more variety in his workday than they could offer.

By his fourth year of medical school, plastic surgery caught his eye. After just one week, he saw the sheer variety of procedures that plastic surgeons handled and how the results positively impacted peoples’ lives. He was equally excited about the ability to give patients good news much more often than bad news.

Gaining Insights at the Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at Manhattan Eye

After selecting plastic surgery as his focus, he started his fellowship with Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. This New York City hospital drew people from all over the world as they looked for ways to alter their aesthetics. Each patient offered students a chance to improve their skill sets and gain valuable insights that could help further their careers.

Establishing His Practice in Dallas, Texas, and Expanding to Plano

After completing his fellowship, Dr. Sam Jejurikar hit the ground running and became a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He also opened his Dallas office and then expanded to Plano, Texas, to make his services accessible to even more people. While running his original office, he met his wife, who continues to serve as his main supporter and sounding board.

In addition to running his practices, Dr. Jejurikar co-hosts the wildly popular “3 Plastic Surgeons and a Microphone” podcast with Dr. Sam Rhee and Dr. Salvatore Pacella. On the show, he demonstrates his zest for life and passion for aesthetics while tackling all sorts of topics, including the impact of social media on the plastic surgery industry.

A Commitment to Truthfulness Paved the Way to Success

Dr. Jejurikar started his career with a focus on providing the best service to all of his patients. He also focused on truthfulness above all else to gain a loyal following. From that point forward, he made it his mission to be upfront and let people know exactly what each procedure could do for them. His passion is evident in this approach, and it helps people feel comfortable moving forward with the surgery or skipping it altogether.

Continual Adoption of Cutting-Edge Plastic Surgery Technology

The many recent advancements in beauty technology have also helped him achieve success in his career. Dr. Jejurikar points to non-surgical laser treatment equipment as a good example of this innovation. Thanks to these improvements, people with darker skin can now elect to have anti-aging treatments done by laser. Before the more recent advancements, the laser equipment couldn’t accurately target imperfections on people with darker skin, resulting in problematic pigmentation changes.

The plastic surgery industry is also getting a chance to harness the power of radiofrequency technology. Through the use of targeted RF waves, providers can tighten the skin without making incisions.

Most Exciting Changes in the Beauty-Tech Industry

According to Dr. Jejurikar, the most exciting changes in the beauty-tech industry center around non-invasive techniques, 3D imaging, and overall acceptance of aesthetic procedures. All of these things help improve the patient experience, helping them feel more satisfied with their plastic surgery journey and results.

Botox, facial fillers, and high-tech laser procedures, for example, offer all of the results of invasive surgical procedures without downtime. More invasive procedures are improving as well, thanks to 3D imaging that utilizes AI machine learning. The 3D images allow patients to see the results of their requested procedures, including breast augmentation and liposuction, to help them decide whether they’d like to move forward.

The shifting perceptions surrounding plastic surgery are perhaps making the biggest impact on patient experiences. Through their online explorations and time on social media, more and more people are gaining a better understanding of aesthetic procedures. This not only leaves them better informed of the possibilities but also helps promote acceptance of both non-invasive and surgical procedures.

Suggestions on How to Improve the Plastic Surgery Industry

Although there are many things to celebrate within the plastic surgery industry, Dr. Jejurikar believes that there’s room for improvement as well. First and foremost, he strongly believes that plastic surgeons need to concern themselves with the potential consequences of the procedures that they perform. For example, the drive to adopt caricature-like features, as is often promoted on social media, could lead to regret in patients.

Beyond that, plastic surgeons must emphasize the risks of each procedure that their patients are interested in having done. As perceptions change, patients may find the surgeries less intimidating and downplay the risks in their minds. Surgeons have to help their patients weigh both the pros and cons so that they can be fully informed before committing to the procedure. In addition, surgeons need to recognize the signs of psychological disorders and encourage patients to address them before considering plastic surgery.

The Push to Put Self-Love First and Feel Beautiful Everyday

Above all else, Dr. Sam Jejurikar pushes everyone to put self-love first and find ways to feel beautiful every day. To start down that path, he encourages people to try to see themselves through their loved one’s eyes.

At the same time, everyone should focus on their best qualities to let their inner beauty shine through and outweigh any perceived negatives. If that’s difficult, then he suggests bringing tangible beauty into the world through artistic creations.

To bring everything together, he promotes getting enough exercise and making sleep a top priority. With those things in mind, it’s easier to adopt a self-loving perspective and identify practical areas for improvement. Self-acceptance is key in being happy with your everyday self and seeing the benefits of aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Jejurikar’s Five Tips for Aspiring Plastic Surgeons

In addition to supporting his patients, Dr. Jejurikar strives to make the world of plastic surgery more accessible to aspiring medical students. He’s always sending helpful advice their way, such as:

  • Search for Solutions, Not Meaning

The search for meaning rarely pans out. Instead, plastic surgeons are better off creating meaning through interactions with patients. Look at what your patients are trying to achieve and create a smart solution that provides excellent results.

  • Find Ways to Keep Improving

Plastic surgeons should always do their best in all they do and strive to become even better throughout their careers. They need to keep up with beauty-tech changes and the world at large through things such as mentorships, courses, and informative podcasts.

  • Focus on What’s Important

Although helping patients should be the number one priority during the workday, it’s vital to make time for what’s important beyond that. Family, friends, and hobbies can easily be pushed aside, so it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Recognize That Everyone Is Doing Their Best

While collaborating in the clinic setting, remember that everyone is doing their best, especially during times of conflict. Simply give people grace in the face of disagreements and mistakes to move forward on the right foot.

  • Follow Your Passion to Strive for Excellence

When plastic surgeons let passion lead the way, they can reach their goals and achieve excellence in all that they do.

Ways to Follow the Journey and Successes of Dr. Sam Jejurikar

Since supporting his patients is a top priority, Dr. Sam Jejurikar always makes himself readily available online. He encourages everyone to visit his website at their leisure to learn all about his journey and outlook for the future. If visitors have any questions, he’s happy to answer them and open up the dialogue about plastic surgery topics of all kinds.

For those who just want to hear about the plastic surgery world, his “3 Plastic Surgeons and a Microphone” podcast is a great place to start. Listening regularly is a fun and exciting way to learn all about the leading beauty-tech advancements, plastic surgery trends, and everything in between.