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Getting Used to the World Again: Life Moving Forward



With vaccine distribution schedules bringing coronavirus infections to an end within the next year or sooner, you might have anxiety entering the world again. Life after the pandemic will not look like life before, with masks and social distancing a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. But as much as we don’t like it, we have to follow measures to eradicate the virus while we move on with our lives.

That means getting back to our usual errands, in-person learning, and working outside the home for many people. Everything you put off because of COVID-19 will soon have to make its way onto your calendar, so how will you adjust to the new normal?

The Vaccine Distribution

As you may know, the vaccine distribution plan starts by targeting the most vulnerable people in the population and works its way down to the seemingly least vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. Each state has its own supply, distribution centers, and sign-ups, so they’re all in their own phase of the plan, but the US, overall, is following the same basic guideline. To find out where your state stands and how you fall into your area’s distribution plan, visit your local website for details.

As of now, the United States plans to have a vaccine available for all citizens, except children 12 and under. School-aged children over 12 should see the vaccine by the fall of 2021 and children 12 and under should have an appropriate vaccine by early 2022.

Waiting Is the Hardest Part

While the vaccine distribution plans and the impact it will have on the world is exciting, waiting for your turn can frustrate even the most patient. After all, when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, your first instinct is to sprint all the way there. But since that’s not possible and we all have to wait until the completion of the plan to see total relief, waiting is hard.

But while you await your turn, you can keep yourself busy with the hobbies you started while in quarantine or create new ones. Not only that, but you could plan for your life after isolation by booking a vacation and scheduling appointments you put off due to the pandemic. Make sure your health insurance is up to date and that your life insurance premiums are current. If you don’t carry life insurance, you might consider getting a term life quote. It doesn’t take that long to do, and you can do it online or via telephone.

Don’t Forget Your Physical and Mental Health

Has your life become more sedentary during the coronavirus pandemic? Since most people keep outings to a minimum, you probably aren’t moving as much as you used to, and that will change. Now is the time to get up and get moving so you’re ready for a more active lifestyle.

And don’t forget about your mental health. If you have any anxiety about re-entering the world after COVID and getting back to your routine, address those issues now. Talk with your kids and prepare them for school, gatherings, and their feelings about the new societal norms.

Life Changes: Change With It

The world might not look like it did before the pandemic, but it doesn’t look that different either. Sure, we all have a few extra steps to do to ward off the virus, and we distance ourselves more than we otherwise would, but people are still people, and the world is still there. The one thing we can all count on is that life changes, and our only choice is to change with it.