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How to Deal with Poor Health as a Parent



Being a parent comes with many difficulties: are they eating enough? Are they performing well at school? What should you do when they don’t listen? Each of these worries greatly increases when the parent struggles with an ongoing illness. Whether you struggle with chronic pain, eyesight issues, or a mental health disorder, here are some ways to deal with poor health as a parent:

Seek the Help of Family

Sometimes, looking after a child is overwhelming, especially when you are suffering yourself. The best thing to do in those times is to seek the help of family. They could bring you a meal, look after your child for a while, or simply spend half an hour on the phone with you. Don’t keep your struggles inside as they will only build up – tell your loved ones how you are feeling and be open to their aid.

Go for Treatment

There are many reasons why people put off treatment, but you mustn’t do this. If your doctor tells you there are treatments to lessen your symptoms, but you’ve been putting it off, then now is the time to go for it. If you have chronic pain, there are plenty of alternative treatments out there that could help you – just make sure you keep your doctor informed. For eyesight problems such as cataracts, a treatment like a cataract surgery can have you seeing your little one’s moments with crystal clear vision. If you’ve been putting off seeking treatment, then use your child as the reason that gives you the boost you need.

Explain to Your Child

You might think it’s better to hide your struggles from your child, but it’s actually better to let them know how you are feeling. If you are having a bad day, then try explaining to them what is going on. You might be surprised at their reaction and discover you have a little member on your team to help you get better!

Of course, this will not work with the very young, but if your child is old enough to understand, then they should know at least a little about your health concerns.

Give Yourself a Break

Everyone needs a breather sometimes, especially those who are struggling with their health. Hire a babysitter or ask a friend to look after your child for a short while, giving you the chance to have a break. You could go for a walk, have a long bath, or even just take a that long nap you’ve been craving. You’ll find yourself feeling much more refreshed after allowing yourself a time-out from parenting.

Try Counseling

Whether your health problems are due to mental illness or not, counseling can be very helpful. By talking to a non-judgmental individual about your problems, you won’t feel as burdened by them. If you don’t have time to go and see a counselor each week, then there are online counseling sites where you can talk to them through messenger.

Bad health gets in the way of a lot, and it can be especially painful when it involves your child. Remember, parenting is hard for everyone! Do your best to improve your health, make sure you talk to people, and remember to forgive the bad days.