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Best Destinations For Health And Cosmetic Treatment



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Many people are realizing the benefits of becoming a health tourist, with increasing numbers of UK-based holidaymakers looking to combine this with some form of cosmetic treatment. Thanks to the cheaper overall costs of treatment and access to industry experts, medical tourism is an attractive prospect whilst also getting to travel at the same time.

However, there are some places better for treatment than others and plenty to consider before booking your trip. Here are some of the best destinations for health and cosmetic treatment across the globe.

Hair Treatment

A common concern for many people is hair loss with options for a hair transplant high on the list for those looking towards a permanent solution. One location that can offer this type of treatment is Turkey, offering the best hair transplant in Istanbul to address a number of concerns.

Turkey accounts for nearly 750,000 health tourists every year, trusted by people across Europe and further afield. Offering non-invasive hair transplants that carefully and precisely relocate hair from one part of the body to the area of loss, ideal for those with hereditary baldness or a stabilized hair loss pattern.

Turkey boasts being a wonderful tourist destination for those escaping for summer sun as well as having technologically advanced operating theatres and facilities, making it one of the most relaxing medical tourism destinations.


Everyone likes the idea of having a winning smile and a healthy set of teeth, but sometimes the reality is far from this. Having dentistry abroad has all the same benefits as doing so in the UK but at a fraction of the cost, with both Poland and Hungary popular destinations for dentistry.

Both countries have a well-regulated health system and provide treatments such as tooth whitening, straightening, veneers, and dental implants. Travel to Poland and Hungary is easily served through budget airlines and you can find low-cost accommodation during your stay. Many clinics that work in medical tourism can offer full-service packages that include all of this too.

Cosmetic Surgery

From facial treatments to treating fine lines and wrinkles, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and tummy tucks, there are various different cosmetic surgeries to choose from to address body concerns. Destination-wise, there are a number of countries that specialize in cosmetic surgery, with Belgium and the Czech Republic being high on the list.

Both countries offer some of the lowest costs for medical tourists and are easy to travel to from the UK. Belgium boasts some of the highest trained medical professionals around and has plenty of private hospitals and fitted with the latest equipment.

The Czech Republic similarly is popular due to significant savings on cosmetic treatment whilst still be at the highest standards, with medical professionals having several years of training. Most clinics are situated around the capital of Prague where you can pair your treatment with a beautiful city break if you have the time.

With medical tourism increasing in popularity worldwide, there has never been a better time to look into traveling for treatment. Making big savings whilst achieving your desired body and hair aesthetic means you can have an extra incentive for your holiday this year.