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Buying Sleeping Tablets Online? Which Should You Get



Getting a good night’s sleep is hugely important – it is how we function efficiently and effectively. If we sleep well, all else slots into place – we will even eat and exercise better without even realizing it. But what if you are having issues sleeping?! What if you’ve tried every natural remedy under the sun and still find it hard to sleep?

The answer: you need something with a bit more oomph. By this, I do not mean a sleeping pill, but rather, herbal sleep tablets that don’t knock you out and leave you feeling groggy. So, in this post, I wanted to give you a steer if you are buying sleeping tablets online. 

As said, sleep is the critical foundation upon which we build everything else. It is like the parable of the wise and foolish builders building their house on sand vs. rock. If we consistently don’t sleep well, we put ourselves on a weak footing and, in fact, negatively impact our short and long-term health and mental wellbeing.

However, not all of us are blessed with being able to drift off quickly, we may be under a lot of stress, have chronic anxieties, or have had insomnia for as long as we can remember, so, whilst we know the importance of it, we just find it difficult (and, in fact knowing how dangerous this is to our health only serves to make it worse!). 

I am one of these unfortunate individuals so have had to look for ways to help me sleep better. I’ve tried all sorts of advice – cutting down on caffeine, exercise, diet, meditation, changing my routine – in fact, I’ve tweaked most, if not all, aspects of my life. Whilst things have helped, I needed something stronger, however, I’ve been keen to avoid unnatural remedies such as prescription sleeping tablets. Thankfully, as more people are focusing on sleep, we are seeing a lot more alternative options for healthy, herbal sleeping tablets that do really help. 

The great thing about herbal sleeping tablets is that they are made from natural ingredients that are all legal to buy over the counter. This means they are the best option if you are buying sleeping tablets online (which most of us are at the mo!). 

I have tried a number of different brands to see what works best for me and have landed on the Paso Sleep Capsules. The reason why I like this brand so much are as follows: 

  • Made from a blend of natural ingredients: their Sleep Capsules do not just contain one ingredient that is good for sleep, but rather several to help with each stage of the sleep cycle – calming plant extracts like a lemon balm to help relax you before bed, natural sources of melatonin to help regulate your sleep cycle and natural sources of GABA to help you sleep more deeply
  • You don’t feel groggy in the morning: these capsules don’t knock you out but rather work with your body to enhance what it is already doing. This means you wake up feeling fresh and well-rested 
  • They’re affordable: It’s £17.95 for 60 capsules which is a great value considering you’re essentially getting all your suggested night-time supplements in one (magnesium, vitamin D, melatonin, chamomile, etc.) 
  • It’s made by a great independent brand: I think we’ve all wanted to support local stores when we can, Paso has a great vibe and a sustainable ethos. Plus they give a percentage of their profits to a mental health charity

So if you are looking to buy sleeping tablets online, give these ones a go or leave any other suggestions in the comment section below!