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Can Teenagers Use Dry Eye Mask for Sleeping



Sleep deprivation is one of the discussions raised by health campaigns & medical professionals globally. However, teens are at the peak of the list. We all know, lack of sleep elevates the symptoms of depression and frustration. Hence, medication becomes crucial. 

The shortage of lubrication in the eyes is also due to unhealthy sleep patterns. Dry eye issues are increasing amongst teens because of long hours of homework, long chatting hours with friends, watching late-night online shows, etc.

Undoubtedly, there can be more reasons, and some can’t be neglected as they are a mandatory part of teens’ everyday life. I found the dry eye mask a great healing therapy to overcome the problem and for better sleep. Try it, can be your healer!

Dr. Mary Carskadon, the Director of Chronobiology and Sleep Research at Bradley Hospital, United States, once said that teenagers require more sleep than younger kids. According to 2010, The Journal of Adolescent Health study mentioned 8 percent of US high school students take proper sleep. Whereas 23 percent of teens have six hours of sleep, and 10 percent get 5 hours of sleep. Surely a bad ratio. 

What Happens When Teenagers Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Seeing your kid waking up early and having a brisk day literally means a matter of life and death. Time to find, what is keeping teenagers up so late? Three main contributors are influencing the teen’s sleep. If you’re a parent, then you must know about them: 


The first underlying cause can be hormonal changes that transform a child into a teen. Such changes might drive a child a bit crazy. The kid can have various mood swings during the period of transformation. The shift in the production of melatonin impacts the sleep pattern of a teen.

High school students generally fall asleep around 11 or midnight because of biological changes. Well, we can’t stop the natural phenomena of the body but surely need to adjust the environment to rejuvenate a healthy sleep cycle. Gift your child a dry eye sleep mask to fight against the irritation due to sleep deprivation. This also makes your kid fall asleep easily. 


Important to understand that the use of social media is not a distraction for every teen. The late-night followers of gadget lovers are facing sleep disorders due to light exposure. The light has a particular frequency hitting the receptors of the eyes.

The receptors send a signal to the brain and press down the production of sleep hormone (melatonin). Moreover, reduce the moisture present in our eyes and lead to a dry eye issue. However, if a teen wants to sleep, the lack of melatonin doesn’t let a kid have a sound sleep. Regular use of cellphones and other technology devices uplifts the body’s tiredness and causes sleep insomnia. 


Extra homework pressurizes kids and pushes up the stress hormones. I remember during my high school, I couldn’t make out the time for learning. My whole efforts were on completing projects and assignments. Though they were interesting but built an unbalanced life. The anxiety of being scolded by teachers for not completing homework was something extra on my head. Late-nights homework definitely disturbs the sleep cycle of every teen. 

We all know these three factors are the roots of improper sleep. The growth of dry eye issues has become a major concern amongst teenagers. If not treated timely, then end up with acute issues. Thanks to an electric heated dry eye mask saving our healthy eye glands and rendering a relief experience influencing sleep.