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Achieve a perfect smile in 5 days



Achieve A Perfect Smile In 5 Days

Smiling is one of the World’s most powerful gestures – As Mother Teresa said “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

It helps us to create social bonds more easily, reduces stress, and helps to generate more positive emotions within us. Even scientists have declared that smiling is the most physical way that you can share your emotions.

A person’s smile is simply the most powerful way to give positive emotions. But unfortunately, many people don’t feel confident about their smile and try to hide it from others – and as our smile is one of the first ways we communicate with the rest of the World – this can lead to feelings of low self-confidence and low self-esteem.

There are many reasons for this loss in self-confidence – it could be bad oral hygiene at a young age, orthodontic problems, or genetic dental issues like missing teeth or teeth shape. Issues such as these mean that you may smile much less and this can lead to physiological issues as well as having to deal with the physical issues of a smile you are not happy with.

Here are some reasons why people don’t deal with their dental issues:

Physiological problems

NCBI’s piece of research – no mental health without oral health – shows that dental problems may cause, eating disorders, anxiety, bulimia, severe mental illness, and depression.

People start to ignore their problems or they become scared of the dentist. There can be two reasons for that – firstly – a bad dentist experience that has put them off and secondly – self-confidence issues – where they are too embarrassed to seek help, even from a professional.

Financial problems and social security issues

Dentistry and seeking treatment for dental issues can end up being a very expensive business and there are many people across the world who simply can’t afford the extortionate dentistry bills that treatment will entail.

In the UK, even though patients receive free or subsidized dental treatments on the NHS, you are still only covered for the basics – for example, if you need a filling, only silver amalgam fillings are covered by the NHS – if you wanted a composite filling then you would need to pay for it. Root canal treatments, dental implants, and veneers would all need to be done in private clinics and can end up costing patients a small fortune.

For example, some people would need to work for a month before being able to afford a single dental implant in the UK and dental veneers and orthodontic treatments may cost even more.

The new way to save money on cosmetic dentistry

There are many different reasons for patients to seek a dentist abroad – the two biggest reasons, as with many things is to save money and to save time.

Many patients in the UK will need to save up for a long time to be able to afford dentistry not available on the NHS such as veneers or implants and because of the NHS recruitment crisis, nearly all private clinics in the UK are busy and there may be long wait times to be seen.

If patients need a full set of Implants or dental veneers, the bills could end up costing them a small fortune – however, there is a solution and that’s to look abroad for treatment services.

The best destination for saving money is in Turkey, especially veneers in Turkey, where patients could save nearly 70% on their dental treatments. You’ll find some highly recommended dentists in many tourist destinations across Turkey so you could combine having your dental treatment with a great holiday in the sunshine too.

What issues can be fixed with a smile makeover?

Nearly all kinds of bite problems such as a close bite, crossbite, and overjet can be solved by dental veneers. Open bite can’t be solved by dental veneers and crowns patient might need to have orthodontic surgery. Gaps can be closed by dental bridges but if there is no tooth support then the patient will need dental implants.

How many days are needed for a smile makeover?

The latest dentistry technologies make things easier and quicker for dentists to perform the makeovers. For example, CAD/CAM technology lets dentists prepare a full set of veneers or crowns in 2 days, E.MAX veneers can be done more faster than zirconium ones and Sirona’s latest device gets from lab to manufacture of 24 E.MAX teeth in 24 hours. Meaning a patient would need at most, 5 days before getting the smile of their dreams.

How much does a smile makeover cost?

Prices will of course depend on the patient’s condition, especially if the patient’s smile line has an important role. Generally, patients will need to have 20 veneers or crowns. If a patient has a major biting problem then they might need 24 new veneers.

The most affordable prices can be found in Turkey, according to Smile Dental Turkey, veneer prices start from $200, which is up to 6 times cheaper than in the UK and USA.

Turkey doesn’t only offer the best prices but the country is also known to have the best smile designers in the world. Even celebrities are going to Turkey for having a perfect smile.

Turkey also offers the best services across Europe – this includes free transfer services and free accommodation packages for patients so they have the option of all-inclusive dental travel.

Recent statistics show that 99.9% of patients who had dental treatments in Turkey from Turkish Dentists are happy with the results.

The aftercare options are also very good in Turkey, with nearly all dental clinics offering a no-worries warranty for their work.

No worries warranty

A “no worries warranty” offers patients a full guarantee cover, which will cover patient’s flight tickets and accommodation. In 5 years, dental clinics are giving a guarantee for veneers and a life-time warranty for Dental implants.