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Top 8 healthy drinks and low fat snacks to boost your employee productivity



5 simple ways to encourage better employee health at work

When it comes to employee satisfaction, keeping them healthy is a must. Providing healthy snacks and drinks keeps their overall health high, which leads to better turnover and fewer sick days on your end… not that we have any other motive than healthy employees, though.

With this in mind, we are looking at the best healthy snacks and drinks that you can arm your staff canteen with.

The Top 8 Healthy Drinks and Low-Fat Snacks for your Employees

If you manage to choose what goes in your on-site canteen or staff room, here are the best things to put in them for employee good health.

1 – Boost Energy with a Bang

Whenever anyone brings up the subject of healthy snacks, employees inwardly groan and mourn the loss of their energy drinks. Bang energy drink is a tasty, all-natural alternative to a high sugar energy drink, but it will still waken up the tired mind.

2 – Get Naked

Naked smoothies are world-renowned for being tasty as sin – but without the fat, sugar, or calories. Naked smoothies have all the nutrients of numerous fruits and vegetables.

3 – Be Kind

A Kind bar is the low-fat, low-calorie alternative to a cake bar. It has all the nutrients needed to power an employee through the day.

4 – The complete Cookie

The complete white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie contain all the protein, minerals, and natural healthy fats, found in macadamia nuts. It’s a high protein alternative to a high sugar treat. Plus, that white chocolate gives just the sweet kick needed.

5 – Get Poppin’

Popcorn has low-calorie, high-energy goodness that really doesn’t contain many fats. It’s the toppings we add that cause the calories. Replace those toppings with something healthier and you can have an excellent replacement for chips.

6 – Everyone Loves Pretzels

You can have a pack of mini pretzels that come with all that great salty taste – all for under a hundred calories… all you need are the right snack packs. Pretzels are the ideal low-cal snack to make a lunch break complete.

7 – Quaker’s Snacks

Quakers don’t just make great oats – they also make fantastic cheddar snack bites that everyone loves to nibble. They have the savory flavor to accentuate a lunch break and they’re just so moreish!

8 – Protein Shakes

There are many of us who love a good workout. Between gym sessions though, we must go to work. If we can’t hit the gym, we can at least use the extra protein to keep bulking throughout the day. Try Muscle Milk for a great alternative drink.

Thought About Employee Vending Machines?

If you are in need of somewhere to house these snacks, employee vending machines are the answer. If you go through Stay Healthy Vending Miami, they will even install, maintain, and service it, all for free. That’s a pretty good deal on better employee wellness, especially when all it takes is a phone call on your part.

Rounding up

Healthy snacking makes for a healthy employee. Take care of your staff and your staff will take care of you.