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Why Do Nursing Staff Wear Scrubs?



While many sectors require professionals to wear formal attire, nursing staff are often seen in scrubs. When you look back to old footage of hospitals, nurses wore somewhat impractical white dresses and odd-looking hats.

Now, many nurses wear scrubs that are simple but protective and easily identifiable two-piece uniforms in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles. They are comfortable to wear, easy to move around in, and, of course, provide a level of sanitary protection for both the wearer and their patients. In fact, even nurses who are not required to wear scrubs often choose to.

This article outlines just some of the main reasons why nursing staff and other medical professionals choose to wear scrubs.

Wearing scrubs is more sanitary

The nursing staff is caring for unwell and vulnerable patients in a place that is full of infection and potentially dangerous substances. It is essential that hospitals minimize the risk of cross-contamination or the spread of disease. Scrubs are made from fabric with antimicrobial properties that prevent the spread of blood, fluids, and bacteria. Scrubs need to be cleaned at high temperatures with powerful chemicals in order to ensure that all contaminants are removed.

Wearing scrubs makes identification quicker

Lots of hospitals and medical facilities assign different scrub colors to different departments. This makes it easy for hospital staff to identify one another, and for patients to find the right nurse.

The easier it is to identify nurses, the quicker it is, and therefore the more efficiently the hospital will run. Scrub colors vary depending on the facility. Most nurses will wear block colors, but some organizations let nurses wear patterned or multicolored scrubs.

Scrubs are designed with practical features

Scrubs are designed for medical staff, and over time their design has evolved to include helpful and practical features that help nurses in their work. There are often lots of pockets of varying sizes and bungee loops for medical instruments, personal items, pens, notebooks, or anything else you want to keep close to hand.

In addition to the antimicrobial features mentioned above, many scrubs are also made from fabric that has moisture-wicking properties, which can be a great help during a hard and sweaty shift.

Wearing scrubs provides protection

Nursing scrubs are made of durable and resistant fabrics, which is important for nurses who deal with potentially harmful substances and medications. The fabric of the scrubs protects the nurse’s skin in order to increase their safety on the job.

Scrubs are inexpensive to replace

Nursing can be a messy and physically demanding job, so they need workwear that will stand the many tests and trials of a long nursing shift. Buying standard clothes only for them to be stained or ripped within a few hours or days will become expensive.

Luckily, scrubs are inexpensive to replace, and if they are of high quality will last longer than many standard clothes. There are obviously plenty of manufacturers of medical scrubs UK that charge different prices, so it pays to shop around.

Scrubs look professional and modern

Modern scrubs are designed for functionality, but they are also well-fitted and unlike white dresses, hide a lot of the dirt and fluids that nurses come into contact with. Wearing colored scrubs ensures that nurses look cleaner and more professional for longer, as small stains and marks are less obvious to the eye.