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6 great ways to ensure wellness in the workplace



We’ve all felt stressed from time to time when at work and fulfilling our duties, but this shouldn’t be a regular occurrence… If your employees have recently found themselves feeling rundown on one too many occasions, look to these 6 great ways to ensure wellness in the workplace.

While it’s important to note that highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability, you should keep in mind that there’s more to your employee’s life than just their job role. Yes, keeping them safe and happy in the workplace will create better results for the business, but their personal life is just as important.

Establish mental health days

If a staff member has an upset stomach or is suffering from the flu, it’s a natural instinct to advise them to take a day or two off from work in order to feel better. So, why should the attitude towards our mental health be any different? A mental health day is when employees take sick leave to manage their mental wellbeing, which is a fantastic way to ensure wellness in the workplace.

Keep your workspace in tip-top condition

The average UK employee spends roughly 40 hours per week in their office, so it’s your duty (as their employer) to make it a pleasant place to be. Simple features like motivational artwork, natural lighting, and plants can truly promote wellness and keep your staff feeling happy and content. Don’t overlook the importance of technology, either…

Ensure your tools and equipment are in good health

There’s nothing more frustrating than old, faulty equipment slowing you down when you have deadlines to meet. So, consider improving your Wi-Fi if you’re receiving regular complaints, and take your employee seriously if they claim that their computer is defective. By doing so, you will create a more streamlined process for your employees to get their tasks done, boosting prosperity.

Look to available technology that can help

There are many potential challenges that can impact employees, both at work and at home, which can result in absences, disengagement, loneliness, and poor health. In this modern world, there’s a technological solution for just about any problem. Employee Wellbeing Solutions from LifeWorks, for example, can help your employees feel supported, guided, connected, recognized, and rewarded.

Take mental health seriously

While it’s beneficial to encourage employees to take mental health days, there’s more you could and should be doing to promote wellness. Speak candidly about mental health, and make sure that the necessary tools and resources are available. Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year, and although not every employee will feel the need to take advantage, knowing it’s there can boost productivity and morale.

Offer flexible working patterns

There is a life to be lived outside of work… If your employee needs to honor a rare, ‘outside’ commitment, give them the opportunity to make up for their lost hours elsewhere. From a sudden dentist appointment in the morning to a parent’s evening that requires an early finish, your employees will feel valued, appreciated, and free. In turn, this will boost their wellness and improve their mental health.