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How you can more easily reduce stubborn belly fat



We have all been there- you start off on a fitness hype or a diet and the pounds drop off, then you are left with that last bit of stubborn belly fat. You can be working your body to the max and the last few pounds just won’t shift.

A lesser-known fact is that this stubborn belly fat is down to multiple things. You might not be eating right, it could be water retention, or it might just be the way your body is built. Even bodybuilders with six-packs can get extra fat around their belly just because!

Another caveat is that women need some belly fat. Losing weight excessively or suddenly can affect your hormones and reproductive cycle.  Being underweight is sometimes as dangerous as being overweight, so you need to make sure that any weight loss is done safely.

As long as you are healthy and sensible about it, it is possible to reduce your belly fat. Maybe you just bought some new co-ord sets, and you want to show off your new flat stomach, or maybe you want to fit into your favorite jeans over the holiday season. Whatever your reason, here are a few ways you can reduce that stubborn belly fat.

Get lots of sleep

Yes, you heard right, a good night’s sleep can help you to lose those last few pounds. This can also make you feel better about yourself, giving you the energy to do more the next day. Sleeping is an important part of implementing healthy habits into your life.

Try relaxing activities

Being stressed can actually elevate your blood sugar levels. Being stressed for long periods of time can therefore cause the glucose in your blood to keep building up. Combat this by practicing self-care and trying relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.

Target your workouts

If you want to lose weight specifically on your belly, then adapt your workouts to target that specific area. You can do interval training or cardio for general weight loss, but then try tummy toners and other ab exercises like crunches, mountain climbers, and planks.

Eat the right foods

Sometimes you may not have extra fat but just some bloating. This might be due to intolerance or eating the wrong types of food. Even so, eating a healthy diet can have a massive impact on burning that extra fat. Try to stick to lean meats and protein, and limit processed foods that are high in calories, carbs, fats, and sugars. You don’t have to cut these foods out completely, just enjoy them in moderation as part of a healthy balanced diet.

So, whatever reason for wanting to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, follow these few tips and it will be sure to drop off. Just remember to be safe and healthy in your weight loss, especially if you want it to stay. Implement healthy habits, eat right, sleep well, and remember that every size and shape of the body is beautiful no matter what.