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How Does Dyslexia Impact On The Writing & Learning Process



How Does Dyslexia Impact On The Writing & Learning Process

The written work that is done by the students who are suffering from dyslexia can be affected to some extent when it is compared to the other students of their age. The children who are suffering from dyslexia are seen to have problems with spelling and handwriting.

Such children have trouble choosing the right words and spelling them as they try to use them while writing. As a result, they can also see many problems in creative writing and essays in school. This can be a problem for children who want to have a competitive advantage later in their life. The writing task is like labor for them, and they have a lot of trouble editing and refining the work.

In this article, we are going to discuss how does dyslexia impacts the writing and learning process of children. So keep on reading to find out more information below about dyslexia testing.

Grammar And Conventions

The students who are suffering from dyslexia have to put in more effort when they are trying to read the words and understand the meaning behind them. They also have trouble with grammar and writing conventions to make sense of them in a better way. To help them to solve this problem, the teachers have to participate actively in it.

Without having any grammar skills, the writing will not make any sense. That is why they need extra courage mint and additional opportunities so that they can overcome this problem. This problem can be overcome by teaching them one or two grammar rules at a time and tell them to execute them in their writing process.

Sentence Sequencing

The students who were suffering from dyslexia have a problem with sentence Sequencing and structure problems when they are trying to learn how to read correctly. When a child has dyslexia, you will notice that they will put the letters of a word in the wrong place; for example, they will put it in the left instead of right.

When they are trying to remember a story, then they will state the things that happened in an incorrect order. These are the signs of dyslexia, and when the child is encouraged to write the stories and assignments, they can overcome this problem with time.


Dysgraphia is an expression of this order, and it is a learning disability related to the neurological factors in children. The children suffering from dysgraphia have eligible and writing that no one can understand no matter how hard they try.

Other than the illegible handwriting, the other problems include spelling and grammar errors. The children suffering from this problem also have an unusual grip on the pencil or pen they are holding while writing.

When you notice, you will also see some inconsistencies in the assignments that are returned by the children, and there will be a mix of cursive and other letter writing. The children suffering from dyspraxia can learn how to write neatly what it will take a large amount of effort from both sides.

The parents and teachers of the children will have to provide them with an enormous amount of encouragement and additional opportunities to overcome this problem quicker.