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The Dos And Donts Of Massage Therapy For Senior Citizens



The Dos And Donts Of Massage Therapy For Senior Citizens

Massage therapy is beneficial for people of all ages. The benefits that the person receives from massage therapy depend upon person to person and their age. When elderly people have to receive massage than there are some factors involved that are both physical and mental. These factors should be kept in mind when massage therapy is given to elderly citizens.

In this article, we are going to discuss the dos and don’ts of massage therapy for senior citizens. So keep on reading to find out more information below about massage below!

 1. Knuckles Over Ribs Are A No!

When giving massage to elderly people it is important to keep in mind to not use knuckles over the ribs area. Knuckle can be used in particular areas of the body while giving a massage but always remember that do not use them on the rib cage. Especially because the rib cage of older people is sensitive as compared to the youngsters.

 2. Bone Attachment

While giving massage to elderly people when you arrive at the bone attachment in the body then lighten the amount of pressure you are put on the body. The Bourne attachments and joints of elderly people are not strong enough as they week and with time. Always keep in your mind to lighten the amount of pressure that you are bidding on this sensitive area of tissue in elderly people.

 3. Transverse Processes

Do not put pressure on the bone as it is not beneficial. If something hurts the client then it does not mean that it is working. It is a common stereotype if the message is hurting then it must be doing something however it is not true at all. Nice and deep strokes are good but always remember that you should not be painful for the person that you are performing a massage on especially elderly people in this regard.

 4. Joint Stretching

Joint stretching is a big no when it comes to performing massage on elderly people. Many people and massage therapists who have not experienced enough start with joint mobilization which means the stretching of joints. It is important to warm on the body before you start massage therapy on elderly clients. But stretching of the joints and joint mobilization is not a good way to one of the body at all.

 5. Finishing On Abdomen?

Just like it is harmful to start from particular points of the body it is harmful to and massage therapy on the abdomen as well. The reason behind this is that the blood circulation in the body of the client will be flourishing at the end of the massage therapy session because of all the messages that you have been giving them throughout the 90-minute session.

The clients have to urinate at the end of the massage therapy session. This is the worst time to work on the abdomen so never finish on this particular area of the body especially when it comes to elderly citizens. Although you can begin your massage from this area.