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7 Tips to Build Muscles Faster



If you’re tired of being skinny and getting pushed around or you need to buff up for the next middleweight Judo championship then you need to read up on our ten tips to gain muscle fast and effectively.

1. Get a professional trainer

If you have the little bit of extra money you need to talk to a personal trainer, even if it’s just to plan out your routines. They will be able to give you great tips and tricks with specific workouts to target areas in your body you need to develop.

2. Exercising fads

Millions of dollars are pumped into marketing campaigns promoting new exercising equipment to get you ripped in a few days, don’t get caught up in the fads. Stick to your training and work hard, weight training stays the ultimate way to build muscles.

3.  Spread the love

Instead of focussing on one particular muscle, you need to focus on all the muscles in your body. Your body needs to function as one and that’s why it needs an equilibrium of strengthened muscles. If you constantly train one muscle you will reach your peak and muscle growth will slow down.

4. Eat!

When you exercise your body uses all the energy stored in your body to perform all your training. When you’re done you should eat and restore your body’s energy. Stick to the healthy snacks like protein, fruit, and other beneficial vitamins and minerals your body needs to replenish itself. The worst thing to do to your body while building muscle is not eating enough.

5. Stick to your routine

I’ve come across many people who start off great the first few weeks and then something breaks the workout routine. It’s essential to get back to your routine as soon as possible or you will start to procrastinate.

6. Use your time effectively.

Before you do the workout you need to prepare your routine. Know exactly how many reps you need to do and how much weight you need to stack for each routine, this way you will save precious time lost in indecision. The more time you have on your hands the better for your routine.

7. Pushing your boundaries

You should learn to push your limits to gain muscle weight faster than others. You shouldn’t hurt yourself in the process but you should at least test your limits. If the reps or weights you are doing are too easy then you won’t be getting anywhere fast.