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Why Care Homes May Provide the Best Option for Our Elderly Relatives



There comes a time in our lives where, no matter how hard we try, we can no longer care for ourselves. This can be a very lonely and frustrating time for many people as they struggle to come to terms with the fact that they now need help to carry out simple daily tasks. Most of us will be lucky to have our family to lean on in these situations but there are plenty of reasons why one of the many care homes around the country could provide a more appropriate option.

As loving relatives, we are often reluctant to make this decision for our family members as it may feel a bit like we are abandoning them at a time when they need us most. This however doesn’t have to be the case and we should never feel guilty for making such a difficult decision.

Keeping them active

One of the sad things about losing your independence is that it can feel as if you are no longer an active member of the community. However, in a care home environment, this is different. There will be plenty of opportunities to engage your mind in conversation with other likeminded individuals.

Whether it’s during a game of cards or bingo that has been organized by the staff or just a chance to share some memories with people that are the same age, there are plenty of ways to stay active. There is also the opportunity to take a walk around the grounds of the home, aided by a dedicated staff member, thus keeping the body in shape as well as the mind.


With the festive period approaching, we are all going to be gathering our family around us to spend Christmas together. Sometimes though, however much we try to accommodate our loved ones, it’s just not possible. Similarly, they might be looking forward to a more relaxing Christmas than the one you have planned.

The companionship that they will experience inside a care home, especially around times of the year like Christmas, will be exactly what they are looking for. Entertainment and food will be tailored to their specific needs and they will have a number of people on hand who will be attentive to their every requirement. No more arguments about what to watch on the TV and they will be able to fall asleep at any point during the day without all eyes being on them.

Professional support

One of the biggest reasons why we might decide to place our elderly family members in a care home can also be the biggest reason for feeling guilty. We all lead busy lives and so even if you end up inviting them to live in your home, it often doesn’t solve the problem. They will most likely be left at home on their own while you have to go to work, leaving them back at square one feeling lonely and inactive.

In a care home situation, there will be plenty of caring, supportive professionals that can dedicate as much time that is needed to your loved one. This doesn’t mean you are taking the easy option or failing them in any way, merely that you care enough about them to provide them with the highest standard of care. This way, you get to visit them in a stress-free environment and it won’t put a strain on your relationship.