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How to Get Fit Solely By a Baby Stroller



To my surprise, I didn’t gain any extra weight during my pregnancy.
All I did for that was just walking: just 20 minutes back and forth to my work on foot. Then I walked already longer, up to one hour and more.
I continued such a tempo walking every day till the last week of my pregnancy. After my son’s delivery, I continued walking already with my little in his baby pram.

Weight Loss Walking with the baby stroller

All that I needed was to keep a good shape was walking fast, every day, and a lot. My son was sleeping in his stroller during the day and I used that time for my weight loss walking sessions.
The first 20 minutes of fast walking was a good warm-up and the next 40 minutes were when a real job happened.
Minutes give an ultimate weight loss effect. Such daily high-speed walking made me slim and positively energized!

Weight Loss Walking Tips:

  • A walk a day – daily walking with no exceptions
  • Use an easy-rolling jogging stroller – read here about it
  • Speedy walking – outrunning other moms is your benchmark for the right speed!
  • Nonstop – only after 20 minutes our body begins to burn calories – make it an hour non stop walk!
  • End up stretching – to relax the muscle’s bust energy.

It’s a truly mom’s training paradise: you don’t need any fat burning workout anymore. I could stay with my child while making myself slim and fit. The next challenge was to shape my muscles – also on the go.

Full Body Workout Right with the stroller

Here we go – a perfect workout without the gym – just by holding a stroller right away. I experimented with adding new tiny movements while pushing the stroller (inspired by callanetics) and I could see my arms’, butt, and Abs muscles getting nice sporty shapes. I called these invisible exercises – a Strollnetics.

Strollnetics – invisible exercises while walking with the baby stroller

Strollnetics is about shaping Abs, Arms, and Butt using a stroller as a fitness machine.
All you need to do is to hold a stroller in a special manner – isolating certain muscles and enabling others to work more intensely.

Strollnetics Exercises:

  • Strengthen Abs, Triceps and Butt muscles
  • Tone muscles for visible effect
  • Warm-up deeply and burn calories
  • Are totally invisible and are done right on the go just anywhere.

With Strollnetics exercises you improve your arms (especially triceps), stomach and butt shape gradually – right on the go with your baby!

Rollerblading with the baby stroller – for fun and for fitness

Many parents enjoy rollerblading with the strollers – it makes good fun outdoor.
My challenge, however, was to get a fitness workout out of it. How to achieve that if you can’t skate fast with the stroller?
So I came up with the Fitness Rollerblading with the Stroller: the idea is to double the movements behind the stroller while keeping moving at a moderate speed. The Legs, Butt, Abs, and Arms muscles work with a double intensity that way.

Fitness for free – every mom’s right

I love the idea of fitness training that is free and available at any time.
Effect-bringing fitness available for every mom is double beneficial than trying to sneak time for training here and there is a busy mom’s schedule.

All the best things in life should be free. I think every mom has the right to get her sporty shape back – also for free. By the time my son grew out of his stroller, I have got a beautiful body, built by the baby stroller!