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5 Reasons Bee Conservation is Important

To many, bees are just pesky creatures that swarm our food and give us painful stings. To others, bees are only thought of as useful for producing honey. But, bees are so much more than just pesky creatures and busy honey producers. Bees, for multiple reasons, have a positive impact on the environment. Unfortunately, bee… … Keep Reading

The Impact of Greenhouses on the Environment

There is a bit of controversy surrounding the environmental impact of greenhouses and many of us are confused as to whether that impact is a positive or a negative one. In spite of the very term “greenhouse gas” or “greenhouse effect” originating from them, they are mostly considered to be an eco-friendly practice. However, a… … Keep Reading

3 Safe And Effective Ways To Slash Your Electric Bill

Sometimes it’s easy to miss the obvious and not see things hiding in plain sight. When it comes to saving money on monthly expenses, people often deprive themselves of favorite consumer goods to save a few dollars here and there without even realizing how much money they waste on the electricity they use at home.… … Keep Reading

$450,000 Dumping Disaster Stirs Medical Waste Controversy

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is making headlines due to a recent snafu involving the improper disposal of medical waste. The result of their error? A $451,000 fine at the hands of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The hefty fine caps off a two year investigation of UPMC, although the hospital claims its… … Keep Reading

French Court Rules It Unconstitutional To Cut Anybody Off From Water!

It is now illegal for companies to shut off residents’ water even if they cannot afford to pay their bill. France is on a roll. First it passed legislation banning stores from wasting food, then news surfaced of the instigator behind that movement aspiring to take it global, and now the county’s court has just ruled that it is unconstitutional to cut… … Keep Reading

Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought

By Dan Bacher for IndyMedia The city of Sacramento is in the fourth year of a record drought – yet the Nestlé Corporation continues to bottle city water to sell back to the public at a big profit, local activists charge.  The Nestlé Water Bottling Plant in Sacramento is the target of a major press conference… … Keep Reading

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