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How to Use Sports to Inspire You to Get Fit



5 tried and tested tips to improve health

The Olympics this year saw some of the world’s greatest athletes compete to win medals and glory for their country, the Paralympics inspired admiration and pride in all who watched it and the Ryder cup had golf fans sitting on the edge of their seat until the very last minute.

Watching so many great sporting achievements has already encouraged many people to improve their own fitness levels and start participating instead of just watching. However, if you are just starting off on the road to fitness there are many ways that you can use sports to inspire you.

The first thing you can do is have a look at websites such as MSN and get tips on how to test your fitness. This will help you pick sports that are suited to you and will mean that you are less likely to do too much too soon. These websites also have suggestions on the types of sports and exercises that are best for your fitness level and you will find that there are online forums where people chat and give each other support and helpful hints. This is a great tool for those who need a little encouragement or feel their will power to jump on a bike slipping away.

Once you have decided on which of the sports you want to start with, have a look at your local community center or gym and see if there is a class or group that is doing the same. For example, there may be a group that goes out walking a few times a week that you can join or a cycling group that allows you to have fun meeting people and get some air while getting fit.

If one of the more exotic types of sports has caught your eye such as martial art, kickboxing, etc. and you are unsure where to start then go online and find a class that is being held near you. There will probably be more than you thought as this year has really seen a surge in interest.

Swimming is another great way to get fit and it is definitely one of the more graceful and low impact sports that you can do. If you find swimming up and down the pool a little tedious then consider taking an aqua aerobics class at your local pool. For something completely different try attending a synchronized swimming class. They will teach you how to move gracefully through the water as part of a team and you will have great fun learning and working out new routines with your partners.

Sports are a great way to get fit and lose weight, but they really do not have to be painful, boring, or a chore.

Sports (Interesting information is that the Norwegian term is trening) should be fun and something that you look forward to each week. Using a website such as MSN will help you find something a little different that suits you better.