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5 Tips for Avoiding the Office Plague



It’s the same every year. Just as the nights start drawing in earlier and the mercury in the thermometer takes a dip, a plague begins to spread. It begins with the odd cough and sniffles on Monday, by Wednesday the first people are starting to call in sick and come Friday the office is empty.

But have no fear, there are ways you can avoid catching those germs. Simply pay attention to these 5 helpful tips!

1) Wash Your Hands

This may seem like an obvious point, but I’m not talking about washing your hands before you eat or after you use the loo. I’m talking about washing your hands ALL the time. We subconsciously touch our face nearly every three minutes and this is the perfect opportunity for germs to spread. Make sure you’re using good antibacterial soap and make sure to scrub the backs of your hands and in-between your fingers too.

2) Eat Well

There aren’t any magic foods that will prevent you from getting ill, but eating healthily will help to boost your immunity. If you come down with a cold then Vitamin C and garlic will help to fight it off and you should always make sure to drink lots of fluids.

3) Disinfect Everything

If you can’t head over to the sink every few minutes, then buy some antibacterial hand gel and frequently apply it. If you have to share anything with your colleagues then give it a quick rub down when they give it back. Flu viruses can survive outside of the body for up to 48 hours, so they could potentially be on many surfaces. Door handles and elevator keys are some of the key places to watch out for and some of the easiest to forget.

4) Use the First Toilet

Research has shown that most people avoid the first toilet in a bathroom, instead of choosing a middle one. So use this tip to your advantage and use the loo with the least amount of germs lingering around.

5) Avoid Intimacy

From choosing to go for a walk instead of sitting with your colleagues at lunch, to putting a pause on your office romance, avoiding close contact with people is the easiest way to avoid getting ill. I’m not suggesting that you do this all the time mind you, but when the office plague is in full force it doesn’t hurt to hide behind the office partitions for a couple of days. You should also try to avoid handshakes wherever possible – your body will thank you later.

So those are my tips for ensuring that you don’t get ill, but do you have any tips of your own? We’d love to hear them!