Achieve a Healthy Mind and Body: Enjoy the Pleasures of a Perfect Tea Experience

Tea is not only a healthy beverage to take, it is also considered an important social occasion especially for those living in the east, including Sabah. It is most enjoyed with friends and loved ones, but it will certainly be more special if you drink it in the middle of a beautiful garden.

Tea ceremony was popularized by Japanese culture, but the proximity of Sabah to this country and the long generation of cultural exchanges among the people of Southeast Asia allowed the spread of this tradition. Today, almost every country in Southeast Asia embraces this culture with pride and practices it during formal occasions. However, a visit to Sabah’s Tea Garden will make the tea ceremony experience more meaningful.

Benefits of Tea

You must be aware of the many benefits tea can do to your body, yet for the sake of those who have grown interest with these natural anti-oxidant, let us enumerate some of these:

Cardiovascular Protection

Due to the various pollutants in the air, our heart has been prone to numerous illnesses and diseases. The rich anti-oxidant contents of tea, particularly green tea, will help ward of these free radicals from our body. It will greatly improve your body’s resistance and block unwanted allergic responses brought by allergens in the air.

Anti-Aging Regimen

For those seeking natural remedy that will keep their skin looking young and healthy, it is best to take a cup of tea in the morning and before you sleep. Oolong tea would be the best type of tea for you, but if you find other tea readily available then you can indulge in sipping this in the morning. It will not only calm your mind, but also relax your body while it magically frets over the appearances of age spots and wrinkles on your face.

Bone Strength

Have you ever wondered why more Japanese and Chinese men and women manage to carry heavy burden even if they are old? The secret can be traced to tea flavonoids. These bone builders help increase bone mineral densities in the body. In a study involving over 500 Chinese men and women that regularly drank green, black, or oolong tea for more than ten years; they have discovered that these individuals have relatively higher calcium in their bones in comparison to those who did not practice this habit.


Eating is one of the most thrilling experience to enjoy in this lifetime. Sad to say, most of the flavorful dishes are packed with rich amounts of cholesterol. To safeguard your body against the harm brought by cholesterol, make it a habit to drink tea after those meaty-pleasures you indulge during dinner or lunch. This is a proven health fact, so always carry a tea bag with you if you believe you will be munching cholesterol rich foods in certain occasions.

Given these facts, it would be a delightful experience to anyone if he or she will have a chance to enjoy a cup of tea right in the midst of a garden where it is cultivated. Sabah Tea Garden is the perfect spot where you can enjoy this. You do not need to bring anything. Simply sit back and relax. Enjoy the view and the tranquility of the place as you are served with the freshest and finest tea in Malaysia.

About the Author:

Shaiya Ong is a freelance writer for Sabah Guide, your ultimate guide in enjoying the best places to visit and enjoy inSabah.

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