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Ladies: Improve Your Look Today



Hey ladies, looking for a fun, simple way to spice up your look? Fall is a wonderful time to try out some new weave options and this season, you have a wide selection to choose from. Whether you want 100% human hair, a Yaki hair weave, or a Remy hair weave, we can find just the right style to make that special someone forget that there’s anyone but you in the room.

Simply put, 100% human hair weaves are human hair. They contain no synthetic fibers. They can be curled, straightened, washed, dried, and conditioned just like normal hair. In terms of appearance, this is often the most versatile and can provide a fun highlight for any look.

Remy and Yaki Hair Weaves

Remy hair weaves are artificial but remain unprocessed or chemically treated. Though they often tend to be slightly more costly, they are by far the most durable, which means they can be reused. Remy is also generally the simplest to care for. One of the advantages of using a Remy hair weave is that all of the piece’s cuticles (the ends of the hair) face the same direction. This makes the weave especially manageable and ideal for elegant, evening dress-style looks. A Remy weave can make you the belle of the ball, continuing to make heads turn long after your carriage has turned back into a pumpkin.

Yaki hair weaves more closely imitate natural African American hair, but come in many different varieties and can be an extremely versatile option. There are four main types of Yaki hair textures. The regular Yaki (which tends to be the most popular kind) is made to look like relaxed African American hair. Kinky Yaki looks like hair that has been blow-dried straight instead of relaxed. Kinky Yaki weaves tend to be very thick and natural-looking.

Next is Coarse Yaki which, as the name implies, is the most coarse option. Coarse Yaki imitates natural African American hair that has not been through any chemical processing and can be used to create a fierce and edgy look that would make Grace Jones green with envy. Finally, there’s the Silky Yaki, which is the lightest, silkiest texture. This option is perfect for creating a simple, elegant look suitable for almost any occasion.

We all know that the right hair can make or break an outfit. Whether you’re looking for a soft, beautiful look or an edgy, high-fashion blitz, this guide has given you the tools you need to find exactly the right weave for your look and make all the right heads turn in any situation.