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What Is Rainbow Kush Used For?




If you’re looking for a relaxing marijuana strain that won’t leave you in a coma or bedridden on your couch after consuming it, then Rainbow Kush is for you. As one of the most stunningly beautiful cannabis strains, Rainbow Kush is a crossbreed between the Hindu Kush (Cannabis Indica legendary strain) and Master Kush. But what makes this cannabis strain stand out from other Indica strains? What are its uses and benefits?

Get to learn more about the uses and benefits of Rainbow Kush by reading below.

What Is Rainbow Kush?

As mentioned, this marijuana strain is a hybrid, which means that it possesses Cannabis Indica (85 percent) and Cannabis Sativa (15 percent) strains. Because of the cannabinoid content (cannabis compounds) and the Indica to Sativa ratio of 85:15, Rainbow Kush has amazing benefits. Read this article and learn more about the Rainbow Kush’s profile.

The uses of Rainbow Kush have something to do with its 18 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, making this strain moderately potent. Because of this, cannabis users won’t experience a “coma-like” or “couched-locked” state, unlike what users of other Indica strains do.

Uses of Rainbow Kush

Combating Stress

Rainbow Kush can help combat stress with its Indica-dominant effects, causing the body and mind to experience deep relaxation or soothing effects. It calms the senses, making you forget about the burden of everyday challenges. Things get lighter after consuming this strain because of its Indica features.

Rainbow Kush is better suited for medicinal use than recreational use because of its health benefits, which may include fighting stress and anxiety. Although this strain is not exceptionally high in CBD, it does possess potent Indica effects.

Improve Focus

Because Rainbow Kush also has Sativa features, it can produce uplifting effects. The euphoric high is not too much, which may improve focus or concentration, allowing you to perform everyday tasks without trouble. Tasks requiring creativity, such as songwriting or poem writing can be enhanced, giving you a clearer mind for fresh and bright ideas.

Relieve Pain

Rainbow Kush has moderate levels of THC, which is a potent or psychoactive cannabis compound. Also, it has a therapeutic cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD). These cannabis compounds and the strain’s impressive profile synergistically work to help relieve pain among patients with back pain, migraine, joint pain, and other types of pain.

Helps Fight Depression

Cannabis is continuously being studied for its anti-depressant effects. Rainbow Kush is one of the many cannabis strains that may help combat depression. A survey using a mobile app shows that cannabis users reported positive effects after weed consumption.

Here are the results:

  • The majority of respondents reported a decrease in symptom severity for stress and anxiety after taking cannabis.
  • Others reported more controlled symptoms in the short term, while a small percentage reported they hadn’t experienced a change in symptoms.
  • The symptom ratings of depression were reduced in 89.3 percent of the sessions, increased by 3.2 percent, and no change in 7.5 percent.

Cannabis may help combat signs and symptoms of depression according to a clinical study. One puff of marijuana low in THC and high in CBD was optimal to reduce symptoms of depression. On the other hand, two puffs were sufficient to reduce anxiety symptoms. Ten or more cannabis puffs of cannabis strains high in THC and CBD produced major stress reductions.

Reduce Inflammation

Acute and chronic inflammation may lead to debilitating signs and symptoms, affecting a person’s quality of life. That’s why many people find alternative options to help reduce inflammation, including the use of cannabis. Cannabis, including Rainbow Kush, has anti-inflammatory properties. So how does cannabis help reduce inflammation?

There are many studies to prove this therapeutic benefit of Rainbow Kush, including the following:

  • Animal Study: An animal study showed the effect of CBD applied on the skin, which may help in reducing pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Cannabinoids inhibit inflammatory pain and neuropathic pain, which are the difficult types of pain to treat.
  • Laboratory Study: In an in vitro study, it showed that cannabis strains have distinct terpene profiles. With terpenoid-rich essential oils, they exert anti-inflammatory activities based on their composition. While CBD exerts prolonged immunosuppression in treating chronic inflammation, terpenoids provide transient immunosuppression, which helps relieve acute inflammation.


The Indica-dominant cannabis strain, Rainbow Kush, is a beautiful hybrid strain that possesses the best features of both Indica (relaxing effects) and Sativa (uplifting or euphoric effects). Because of its cannabinoid profile, this can be used as a daytime strain to combat stress and anxiety. It can also be used to relieve pain, improve focus, reduce inflammation, and fight depression.