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The Relationship Between Acne and Cosmetics



When a woman gets acne, she usually does not admit the root cause of it. She blames her weight, the food she eats, her skin type, her skin condition. One thing she will never blame, or perhaps blame at the end, is her cosmetics. Not to be against make-up or anything but it really does damage the skin. And the skin once badly damaged can never return to its normal state. Then people would have to use make-up to make it look like its back to its natural state. But do remember this, if one had been careful with cosmetics before, it would never have come to this state.

How does using cosmetics aggravate the skin?

The question does not even need an answer. Even a child would know that plastering all those chemicals daily on the softest part of the body would damage it in ways that would not be evident at first but could greatly harm the skin in the long term. Cosmetics are all chemicals. The human body automatically has a reaction against something foreign, whether it is inserted in the body or applied outside the body.

Cosmetics are seemingly harmless to all women but using it on a daily basis could really make the skin scaly, wrinkly or worse, full of acne. And it can all happen gradually or in no time at all. Cosmetics are also known to clog the pores of the skin and create blackheads and pimples. Those who know their skin cannot tolerate so much make-up and develop allergic reactions to some cosmetics but still use it are in for an acne experience.

Is there any way around this?

Unfortunately, there is no way around this. There are some things one can do to lessen the effect of all cosmetics that a woman, and even a man, apply on their skin but the damage that it does is inevitable in the long run. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances of having acne:

• Always use high-quality cosmetics. Low-quality cosmetics are likely to be made of low-quality ingredients that are likely to damage the skin even more than normal.

• It is better to apply a layer of lotion over the face before putting on any make-up. This way, there is a protective covering on top of the skin.

• As soon as you get the chance or the option of doing so, remove the make-up immediately. All of it. Do not let a single thing remain on your face unless it is an absolute necessity.

• Try avoiding heavy make-up if you can do so. For models and actors, it is alright because they can afford skin treatments and plastic surgeries all the time. For the common man, it is better to avoid it rather than become a victim of it.

• Use natural skin ointments on your skin to restore it after putting make-up on it. It neutralizes the effects of the chemicals and helps balance the skin nutrients.

Acne is a common problem with girls who put too much make-up in their youth. Their skin has certain patches on them which look even worse than acne and the simple pimples turn into a case of the worst acne ever.

Of course, there are natural acne kits that help get rid of the acne quite well without having any side effects. They are unusually safe and have had no negative reviews as yet. Easily available, all one has to do is search online and voila, they will have it delivered to their doorstep in little time. This is beneficial because:

A) One should never delay acne treatment and,

B) Natural acne kits are just the way to do it.


Finally, it must be remembered that no one can avoid make-up completely, especially a woman. If you tell her not to put on make-up, she’ll probably tell you to just be quiet. Even men nowadays frequently wear make-up, women probably are excused now. Since everyone is now using cosmetics, there are alternatives; to use the best type of cosmetics or to use the natural remedies for curing the after-effects of using any type of cosmetics.