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Top 5 Vitamins You Should Be Taking No Matter What



When looking to stay fit, the two most important things are eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting plenty of exercises. But if you’re already eating right and working out on a regular schedule, you might be wondering what else you can do to get your body into top-notch shape – especially if you’ve got a big occasion or trip to the beach coming up.

Vitamins and dietary supplements have the potential to boost your health, both in the short term and long term. Even if you’ve been absent at the gym, vitamins can help in many ways including boosting your immune system and giving you much-needed energy throughout the day.

Here are the best ones you can take to make sure you really are treating your body as your temple.

1. Start with a great multi-vitamin. This is a good way to fill in the blanks of the essential nutrients you’re not getting from your already smart and balanced diet. But you need to make sure you’re using a quality product. Avoid anything with a television commercial or a celebrity endorsement, and don’t expect to find something good in the drugstore. Do some research online before buying to make sure you are buying a satisfactory and highly recommended product.

2. Vitamin C will boost your immune system and more. Vitamin C has been shown to be a great booster of immune systems – meaningless sneezing and coughing – as well as a circulation improver, blood pressure reducer, eye health promoter, and for men – a life extender. Its therapeutic properties stem from its being a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antihistamine, and antitoxin.

3. Build your body with magnesium citrate. We all know calcium is good for bone health, but did you know it’s useless without magnesium alongside it? Magnesium is not only necessary for the absorption of calcium, but for 300 other essential bodily functions. It is actually used by each organ you have!

4. Enjoy the miracle of vitamin D. What can’t vitamin D do? It seems like there are new discoveries of its abilities every day. It protects against cancer, strengthens bones, lowers blood pressure – it has even been shown to help moods and reverse depression!

5. All women should take Omega-3s. These supplements are usually made from fish oil or algae and provide the key fatty acids: DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). Make sure the label says you are getting both! The omega-3 fatty acid can reduce depression, fight high blood pressure, aid weight loss, clear up the skin, and relieve pain from arthritis.

Of course, every person is different, so it can never hurt to speak with a doctor and/or nutritionist about your diet, where it’s lacking, and what supplements and vitamins you can take to improve your health. Usually, a simple blood test can determine what you’re lacking and what plan can be implemented to get your body on the right path. Again, don’t forget – diet and exercise are the foundation of a healthy life, so take the right supplements but don’t stop there!